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Unsold Auction Properties – UK Property Auction; A Complete guide

by Nathan Zachary
unsold auction properties

While the majority of the lots included in traditional auctions are sold within the allotted bidding period, those which don’t meet their reserve prices are withdrawn and are listed online as unsold auction properties. Unsold auction lots in the UK are caused by a variety of factors. Prospective buyers may be turned off by a property’s lack of legal documentation. The inability to view the property in person, as well as a lack of satisfactory bids. Both reduce the chances of a property being sold at auction.

If you’re one of those people who avoid buying unsold auction property because:

  1. you don’t believe in yourself and believe you might be tempted to sell your knickers on eBay to get a final bid in;
  2. you believe that property auction prices are so *hot* that you might as well save the rubber on your shoes for something useful, such as propping up a bar, or;
  3. even with TomTom in your right hand, you have no idea how to find a property auction.

Then this blog post will be useful to you.

Just before the auction


Choose an area of interest and contact local property auction houses. They will be able to inform you of any upcoming auctions and add you to a mailing list so you can receive the most recent auction catalogues.


The specifics will include important information, but you may need to request a separate legal pack to get the full picture. Searches are frequently included in legal documents, but if they are not, ask your solicitor to conduct them before the auction. Because legal documents differ from one property to the next, consider having a solicitor review the legal pack for any hidden covenants or loopholes that could end up costing you more than you bargained for.


You can always request that the auctioneers keep you informed of any changes or amendments to the sale conditions, also known as an Addendum. If you’re really interested, ask them to notify you if the property is likely to be sold before the auction date; this has been known to happen on occasion.


Consider the highest price you are willing to pay for the property; while auction properties may be less expensive than market value, renovations are usually required. Unless you are a cash buyer, you will need to have financing in place before bidding. Make sure you know how much the deposit will be and what method of payment is required so that you can prepare enough funds.

Why are some auction properties unsold?

It is estimated that at the end of a property auction, there are 18%-20% unsold auction properties. There are three common reasons for this:

  • Property pricing that is unrealistic
  • The absence of a real estate legal pack
  • Inability to inspect the property

What should I do if my property fails to sell at auction?

After the auction, your property will remain on the auctioneer’s website but will be listed as unsold auction property. The reserve price will be revealed. It’s possible that you’ll get a bid at this price in the weeks following the auction.

Potential buyers may have needed more time to research the property or to secure auction financing. If a late sale does not occur, you have several options for what to do next.

The Property Auctioneers’ Method of Locating Unlisted Properties

Finding the ideal unsold auction properties UK lots at an auction house can be difficult. So, I simplified the process of locating the ideal listing.

I source properties from across the UK and categorise them to make it easier to find the right lot, house, or building.

Auctioned Real Estate

Look for properties up for auction that meet your specifications. Enter your desired postcode to find listings as well as auctioneer information. We also display all future and past auction properties in the UK under the auction category.

Deals on Repossessed Property

We gather information on bank-repossessed properties from many of the country’s banks in order to provide you with a diverse selection.

Property Acquisition

Choose us to find properties that meet your criteria and save time and money. For a small fee, we will do the legwork for you.

What about unsold lots’ reserve prices?

When a lot is auctioned off, the reserve price is not disclosed. This could change if it fails to sell. Don’t be afraid to ask the auctioneer what the reserve price is? some will tell you without prompting.

Once you’ve determined the reserve price, you could make an offer if you’re willing to pay the amount. Of course, if there are other interested buyers, they may offer more. So simply offering the lowest price does not guarantee that you will win the lot.

Norfolk Unsold Auction Property

Unsold Auction Property Norfolk is an excellent way to generate passive income. This means you don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch the money roll in. This is fantastic news for anyone who dislikes working hard.

Overall, unsold auction properties in any area can offer buyers a great opportunity to get a good deal on a home. Although they may necessitate additional work and involve some risks, they can be a cost-effective way to enter the housing market.

Before making any purchase, make sure you do your homework and research.

Unsold Auction Property Suffolk

Suffolk is a lovely East English county with lovely coastlines and idyllic countryside life. The Property Auctioneers can help you find unsold auction property in Suffolk to bid on.

Selling your property at a bartering is a quick and successful method for getting a quick deal, whether you’re scaling back, moving, or dealing with an unwanted legacy. Many people discover that bartering their property is a quicker and easier option than working with a realtor.

Pigs blood, chalk, and clay were originally used to colour the traditional timber-framed Suffolk houses. The Fens encircle Suffolk’s northwest corner. In the southwest, there are low undulating hills. The coast is also low-lying, and the sea is gradually eroding and encroaching on it.

10 best Suffolk places to live in the UK

  1. Saxmundham
  2. Sudbury
  3. Woodbridge
  4. Framlingham
  5. Hadleigh
  6. Melford, Long
  7. Beccles
  8. St Edmundsbury
  9. Aldeburgh

What are the benefits of purchasing a property at auction?

Buying at auction is a relatively simple process. Other benefits include:

  • The entire home-buying process can be completed within a set number of days (often 28) after the auction.
  • There will be no risk of outbidding because you will be able to see the other bids for yourself.
  • There is no pressure to submit your offer first, as there is with other methods of purchasing property.
  • Long delays from other parties or communication breakdowns have no effect on the process.
  • There is also a wider range of properties available, and it is possible to find some real gems, such as an undervalued home with planning permission or that renovation project you have been looking for.

After the auction, Reliability Contracts are signed.


Auctioneers frequently announce: “Going once, going twice, sold!” before “closing the bidding” and selling an item. or “Going, going, gone!” followed by the winning bid announcement.

If your listing isn’t eligible for an early termination, you can contact any bidders to explain the situation and request that they withdraw their bids.

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