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Valley of flowers


Phoolon ki ghati or Valley of flowers is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It is one of the charming destinations of Uttarakhand that welcomes thousands of visitors from all around the world every year to enjoy its beauty and surroundings.

        The valley of flowers is one of the natural parks of India but it is concerned with the floral varieties that grow every year here and which is the real cause of footfall in the valley.

How one can reach the valley of flowers:-

  • To enjoy the beautiful valley trek, one should first reach the city of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. 

     This place is the abode of God and has beautiful places that allure people towards it.

  • The next stop is Govindghat. After reaching Rishikesh, people start their journey towards this holy place that too has mystical views.

      In Govindghat, you will find places to accommodate and Dhaba to have snacks.

  • The next station is Ghangaria. Ghangaria has its charms. Well, it can be said that Uttarakhand itself is a beautiful place to travel upon.
  • From Ghangaria, the valley of flowers is not a far place. 

 What one is destined for is in front of the eyes. The colorful scenes around and the beautiful fragrance of flowers will definitely for a while give you an experience of illusion but such a place exists.

Features of this place:-

  • This place is best known as the Monsoon trek as the best time to be here is the monsoon period i.e. between July-September.
  • The altitude of the valley of flowers is 14,100 ft. This point should be kept in mind as the heart and asthma patients should avoid being here at such an altitude.
  • The maximum distance of trekking is 37 km.
  • The period required for trekking is 6-7 days. So make sure to keep yourself free for this period.
  • The maximum temperature in the monsoon season is 15°C and the minimum is 6°C.

If you love trekking then you can also do the Hampta pass trek.

Important instructions:-

  • If it is your first trek then take some tips from the guide before starting your journey.
  • Keep a perfect plan for your long trip and make necessary arrangements as per the advice of your guide.
  • A pair of Warm clothes should be taken in advance as the weather predictions remain unpredictable.
  • As the valley of flowers is an eco-sensitive area so make sure that you have all access to your safety.
  • Small toddlers and people with chronic diseases should avoid being on treks.
  • Keep a check on the weather forecast and remain in touch with your guide.
  • An extra pair of shoes and a trekking suit should be in your bag to deal with the unnecessary conditions.

What to enjoy there:- 

You are in the beautiful valley and that too which is surrounded by flowers from all sides is itself a piece of ice on the cake.

          However, this is not just what people come to trek here. The famous gurudwara of Hemkund Sahib is near this valley.

          Surrounded by the Garhwal Himalayas from all around, this is not a place on the earth but a real picture of heaven.

           The different colors of flowers give a resemblance to a rainbow and the soothing wind from the mountains fills the whole atmosphere with its fragrance.

           However, this place does not remain free from restrictions as it is a national park and UNESCO heritage site.

Prohibition to some activities in the valley of flowers:-

  • Camping is completely restricted as authorities fear that people will tamper with the floral variety that exists in this national park.
  • No animals are allowed in the valley as they will ruin the horticulture.
  • Roaming here and there without permission is also not allowed.
  • There is a strong check of authorities over you so don’t pluck the flowers.
  • Littering here is not allowed.

  There are restrictions by the authorities but people hardly follow them. Littering is a big menace in this beautiful valley and there should be a penalty system introduced by the authorities to stop this nuisance.

   The valley of flowers has its charm and thus the Uttarakhand government takes various steps to maintain its glory. Being responsible tourists and trekkers we should follow all the guidelines and rules to make our visit a memorable one.

   One thing should be kept in mind: the guide can only guide you the way but the beautiful memories are in your hand. Make your trek a safe and beautiful one. Try not to ruin the system if the state where you are a tourist as the place that belongs to you is also a place for others to enjoy.

    So have a safe trek in this beautiful valley of flowers.

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