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vapers are likely to find such behavior extremely

by Nathan Zachary

While some members of your inner circle may be fellow vape enthusiasts, it’s unrealistic to assume that everyone you care about is a fan of vaping. There are a number of reasons for which various friends and family members may not care for vaping, and even if you disagree with them, it’s important to respect their opinions on the matter. As you’ll find, it’s fully possible to enjoy vaping without creating tension with your favorite people.

Regard Meals as Vape-Free Events
When enjoying a meal by yourself in the privacy of your home, vaping is unlikely to present any issues. However, if you’re attending a dinner party, dining at a restaurant or having people over, avoid pulling out your vape pen until you’re once again alone. For starters, if you have a tendency to vape at the dinner table, you need to understand that this stands to make other diners extremely uncomfortable. The presence of fragrant vapor clouds can effectively put a damper on any meal, and even fellow vapers are likely to find such behavior extremely off-putting. Needless to say, a proven inability to make it through a meal without vaping isn’t going to earn you any dinner invites.

Always Ask for Permission
Before vaping in the presence of people who aren’t fans of this pastime, it’s imperative that you ask for permission. Requesting permission is particularly important when vaping in other people’s homes. Assuming you can vape in the home of a family member, friend or acquaintance without first obtaining permission is the height of discourtesy. Even if the homeowner generally has no problem with vaping, you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that they want it done in their residence.

Keep Track of the People You Shouldn’t Vape in Front of
You may find it helpful to make a note of each person in your life who disparages vaping. This increases the likelihood of you remembering not to vape in their presence, thereby reducing the risk of arguments and awkward situations. If you have an extensive social circle, keeping track of who you should and should not vape in front of stands to save both you and the people in your life a considerable amount of stress.

You can also ease tensions between yourself and these individuals by showing them some of your vaping equipment – but not using it in front of them. For example, giving them a look at RDAs for beginners may shift their focus to the technical side of vaping and help them stop zeroing in on the aspects they find annoying.


Avoid Getting Angry if Asked to Stop
If someone requests that you stop vaping in front of them, avoid getting angry or drawing this person into an argument. If you truly don’t wish to stop vaping, go outside or find a designated smoking area. While some people are liable to be respectful of your views, others won’t hesitate to voice their opposition. Although you’re powerless to control other people’s thoughts and actions, there are a number of easy ways you can minimize conflict with the non-vapers in your life.

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