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Know about the virtual store vici dolls

by Nathan Zachary
vici dolls

Do you like fashionable dresses? Do you want to wear an article of designable clothing? An excellent online offers you the best and most fashionable dresses. The website’s name is Vici, and many call it vici dolls.

It is an online shop it operates from the United States. Many people are buying items from this virtual shop. In a quick time, the shop gained considerable popularity in the market. But do you know the authenticity of this shop? Do you have all the information about Vici? If you don’t have any information, don’t worry. This article will give you a clear idea about the online shop. Let’s check out the basic but essential factors about the shop.

What do you know about the vici dolls?

It was ten years back. The shop was established in 2012. It was a significant time for the world economy. The recession influenced all sectors of the economy. But the company has decided to open a fashionable shop.

The central theme of the shop is to establish a wide range of shop that offers all kind of fashionable collection under one umbrella. At the starting point, the shop had 150 members.

The virtual shop offers various clothing, dresses, jackets, coats and accessories. Maximum dresses are designable and fashionable.

The Important Facts about the vici dolls

Every online shop has some essential factors. This will help you to understand the basic parameters of the virtual shop. Let’s discuss the facts and try to know about the shop.

Name of the Shop: Vici Collection

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Office Address: 1030 Dr M.L.K JR. Blvd, Nashville TN 37203.

Official Email Id: The online store has many email id. These email id are customercare@vicicollection.com/ careers@vicicollection.com.

Delivery protocols: The shop uses different delivery protocols for the customers. If you check the website, you can find they maintain various shipping protocols. They offer four types of the delivery system. Generally, they deliver the products within 1 to 8 business days. They offer customers express, standard, priority and free standard shipping.

Return Policy: Vici offers a conditional return to the buyers. The company maintains the 30 days return policy.

Payment Options: The company offers various types of payment protocols. Customers can pay via Paypal, American Express, JCB, Discover, Visa, Apple Pay, G Pay, Klarna, etc.

The other vital factors of vici dolls

We find some significant and essential factors about the virtual store. Here we are going to discuss and inform the matter to the customers. We have checked the website link on the trusted website. And we find out the following description.

As per the search, we find that the website was created on 15 January 2013. That means the website is nearly ten years old. The domain will expire on the website on 15 January 2023. It means the environment will expire within the next three months.

We also check the trust score of this virtual shop. And as per our search, we get the website’s trust score is nearly 96 per cent. It is an excellent trust score. 

The research also proves that the vici dolls are a trendy website. That means people buy from this site and visit the site regularly. The website also follows HTTPS security protocols. 

The features of the vici dolls

The shop has many features. In the following discussion, we will give you the correct parts of the shops. Let’s find out the basic features.

a) The shop offers products like clothes, dresses, shoes etc. In the cloth section, the virtual shop offers basic garments like tops, coats, jackets, sweaters etc.

b) Among the dress items, the shop offers mini dresses, midi dresses, maxi dresses etc.

c) The shop is also famous for jewellery, bags, accessories, etc. They offer high-level products as well.

d) You can check the price list. They offer very affordable rates, and you can easily buy the product from the website. 

Customer’s Feedback about vici dolls

We have checked the customer’s Feedback about the store. And on the official website, we find essential customer feedback; as per the website, many customers have shared their views about the website. But we find that maximum feedbacks are positive Feedback.

For this reason, we try to check some other authentic websites to know about honest Feedback about the company. On the simple website, more than 1400 customers have posted their views about this virtual shop.

The shop received a 4.6 rating out of five. More than 88 per cent of buyers have given excellent ratings about the store. That means the shop is providing fantastic customer support and marvellous product quality. It makes the shop more convenient and famous among buyers.

A maximum number of people also posted their views about this virtual shop. And the maximum number of buyers have given positive remarks about the virtual store. It means the shop is trendy and offers outstanding customer service without the hassle. 

The Final CheckPoints

We have checked out all these virtual shops’ primary and essential factors. I have found many significant aspects of the virtual store. We also check all the other crucial facts like delivery policy, payment protocols, and return method. 

Per the website, we have checek about the domain matters and other main priorities. We also search “Whois” to find out the owner’s description of the website. And we find that the owner’s information is not restricted. 

It is also true that due to some technical problem, we cannot check critical issues such as phishing, malware, spam, and trust index scores. But we find the trust score of the website is fantastic. It is more than 90 per cent, which means the website has an excellent reputation. 

The website is also popular. Per the customer’s reviews, more than 85 buyers are happy with this virtual store. More importantly, this virtual store also has a traditional store. Therefore, anybody can rely on the store. 

At last, we can say, as per the whole report and research, you can buy from this vici dolls. The store is excellent and trustable, and it has offered good service to the buyers for the last decade. 

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