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 Video Editing Mistakes to Avoid

by Nathan Zachary

Video editing is one of the most demanded skills in the media industry. Media production is indeed a form of art that keeps improving through creativity. For impressive media content, you need a perfect video edit. Video editors constantly experiment with various elements and software features to enhance the audience experience. Poor video editing will kill your efforts in the pre and production phases. We have often heard how video makers rely on the editing phase to cover up mistakes. Your video editing can either cover it up or make it worse if you overlook video editing hitches. Learning through a Video Editing Course in Singapore can help you polish your existing editing skills and identify poor editing habits. 

Let’s go through some of the commonly observed video editing mistakes. 

Common Video Editing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Pro video editors enjoy their job. Editing requires brainstorming and being creative. You must have a vision and the ability to understand the producer’s requirements. Video editing can become daunting if you are messy and lack essential editing knowledge. 

  1. Not Organizing Your Files 

Any professional will first organize their files and name them in sequence. Having a messy bin and timeline can delay your work and require more incredible energy. The first video editing mistake is to start without planning. You need to go through the storyboard and understand the content objective. After apprehending the theme, you must envision the requirement of the editing. For example, if the storyline is humorous, your editing will be directed in a colorful composition with upbeat music. 

Also, you must identify the need for external media elements like font or animation. Jot down the essential dos and don’ts of your video recommended. Media Schools in Singapore, like the Academy of Design Arts and Media Singapore (ADAM), will start by teaching you about the organization and planning of your editing project. 

  1. Bad Audio Mix

We cannot stress enough the significance of perfect audio. Have you ever seen a movie or a video content where the audio track is ahead of the video? Undoubtedly, it is annoying to read the lips of the performer and process the audio. Are you making the same mistake? The lousy audio mix is a commonly observed video editing mistake. Beginners often face difficulty in audio synchronization. Professional editing software like Adobe Premiere has the option to separate audio and video track. This will allow you to control both contents separately. 

Your background music should fit the scene. Also, you must adjust the volume of the supportive audio file and its transition. 

  1. Unattractive Choice for Graphics or Text

Video editing is no less than an art. You must have an artistic choice to enhance creativity in your work. Without a professional video editing course in Singapore, you can mess up little edits that can significantly impact the visuals. Beginners are attracted to popping texts or graphics that can ruin the decency of the video. You can find multiple options for graphics. But professionals will stick to one font and color throughout the video. Adding different fonts, styles and colors distract viewers from the targeted content. The wrong placement of text will make the viewer harder to read important information. Join a trusted media school in Singapore where you can learn about various font styles and placements that look professional. 

  1. Poor Video and Audio Transition 

Transition indicates the start of a new scene. The transition must be smooth and not abrupt. If you use Adobe Premiere, you know numerous audio and video transitions are available. As exciting as it might seem to play with them, you need to check on the requirement and time of the transition. Prolonged transition can lead to the blank space of a video drop. You need to adjust the video and transition length to avoid this hitch. 

Your supportive audio track must have a transition. A pro tip is to lower the volume of supportive audio and slowly raise it. Keep in mind not to raise too high that viewers might face difficulty in understanding dialogues. Similarly, it should have an end where you slowly lower the audio track’s volume. Academy of Design Arts and Media Singapore (ADAM) can teach you little detailing that can hugely impact your editing quality. 

  1. Ignoring 321 Editing Rule 

You cannot rely entirely on technological devices. What if your laptop broke the day on your video submission? That will surely be a bummer for you. Always keep three copies of everything you edit. From your original files to complied visuals, you must make sure you have a backup of your work. Buy extra storage devices that are compatible and reliable. It can significantly save you from any embarrassment or stressful situation. 

Want to Learn More?

Becoming a certified video editor can broaden your career growth. Media schools like the Academy of Design Arts and Media Singapore (ADAM) are known for their professional video editing courses. We provide you with fail-proof practices and skills that will help you unlock your potential and creativity. We aim to give out students a successful kickstart to excel in the media industry. 

You can connect with our trainers and learn more about our course outline and duration. 

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