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Vitrified floor tiles price in Delhi: Useful cleaning tips   

by Nathan Zachary

You may have finally decided to invest in vitrified tiles for your home flooring needs. These tiles are growing in popularity among homeowners, architects and designers. This is because of their high functionality and immaculate finish. The tiles offer that fresh look even after long time of use. Although it requires less maintenance, you need to clean it regularly. This way, it will retain its shine and sheen.

Why need maintenance?

Besides checking vitrified floor tiles price in delhi, you need to be aware of certain guidelines to ensure these tiles are well cleaned and last for a lifetime. Proper upkeep also enhances the beauty of your home. The material that goes into creating the tiles is what determines the type of care to avail. However, almost all tiles do need similar basic maintenance. This is irrespective of their type or location installed.

Regular cleaning

Vitrified tiles do not degrade fast like other tiles and are durable. However, they also need proper and regular cleaning. This will ensure removal of germs and dirt while ensuring good hygiene. Make sure selecting from a reputed brand using top quality raw materials along with the latest technology for its creation. Advanced protective coating should be offered on the polished tiles to prevent infiltration of grime, filth and dust.

What to do and avoid?

Cleaning them will help maintain that perfect balance. Avoid over-cleaning them frequently such that their finish and look fades away. Also do not under-clean them as its appearance will be spoiled by grime, dirt and stains. There are plenty of tile cleaners available easily in the market. Choose a good quality one and prepare cleaning schedule. Sticking to it will ensure your polished tiles retain its original feel and look.

Steps to follow to clean vitrified tiles

  • Identify the best quality commercial tile cleaner available in the market. It should be formulated to suit tile material you have installed. Dilute concentrated cleaner before use.
  • High traffic areas will need to be cleaned twice a week while low traffic ones will need just once. To dust wall tiles, use microfiber cleaning cloth. If not dusted or cleaned regularly, dirt particles might damage the tiles and make it lose its shine.
  • Clear water should be used to rinse cleaning solution applied on the tiles. Otherwise, the mixture if left on the tiles will only leave behind a hazy residue. This, in turn, will only spoil the precious tiles.
  • Mop floor tiles once a week with manufacturer prescribed cleaning solution. Use this mixture to wipe wall tiles. Take a little amount only for cleaning purpose or as suggested by the manufacturer. Avoid excessive usage to prevent damaging the tiles’ shine and appearance.
  • To ensure thorough cleaning, take vinegar of one cup and mix it with scalding water in a bucket. Use soft, dry mop soaked with the mix to wipe the floor. Before stepping upon them, make sure the floor tiles have dried completely.
  • Once cleaning is complete, dry the tiles with soft towel. It also prevents formation of water stain. You need to do it patiently and in circular motion to ensure proper cleaning and making the tiles sparkle-clean.
  • Do not use strong detergent products or acids to clean the expensive tiles. Doing so will only damage the grouts and floor tiles. Soft fibre cloth is strongly recommended for cleaning purpose. Do replace the cloth after using them for a few times.
  • Clean thoroughly the grouts. For this, mix baking soda of one cup with water of 2 spoons. Apply them on the grout and allow it to dry for about 5-7 minutes. With a soft brush/tooth brush, scrape carefully the mix. Use moist towel to clean the surface.


This is another aspect to watch out for. A visible, large scratch is likely to damage the tiles’ appearance even if it is sparkling clean. Polished vitrified tiles are considered to be scratch-proof and durable. But they are prone to getting scratches with time. This may be due to frequent shifting of appliances and furniture. Scratches, be it small or big will not be good looking.

How to avoid scratching?

You need to take adequate precautions when moving furniture around, be it small or big. Keep pads under the appliance/furniture edges or legs. Otherwise, use thick fabrics under the furniture to move them without scratching the surface. Lighter ones can be lifted up and shifted to the desired room or place. Taking all precautions will ensure the tiles retain its original look and do not develop scratches.


At the time of initial purchase, do remember to purchase extra and keep them as spares at your home. It can be prove to be useful and help replace broken or cracked tiles. This way, you don’t have to bother about replacing all the tiles, thus curtailing your expenses to the bare minimum. This way, you can enjoy having good looking vitrified tiles that will be praised by your neighbors and friends.

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