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Warning Signs of Problem Drinking you must be aware of!

by Nathan Zachary

The real problem with drinking or any form of substance abuse is that it arrives almost insidiously, without the victim being aware of it. Before you know it, addiction may become a serious problem to deal with. You might consider your drinking pattern to be moderate; however, it may not be so. You may be in a position to seek help from alcoholics’ anonymous meetings even!

So how do you know if you need to look for “AA meetings near me”? We take a look at some signs and symptoms of problematic drinking for your help.

Symptoms of Problematic Drinking -do you have them?

  • If you are subjecting yourself to uncontrolled drinking sessions now and then and if you feel like losing control every time you are drinking, there is cause for concern. Not being able to control yourself is a primary pointer to problematic drinking. 
  • If you are always drinking to the point at which you feel drunk, it is also a blatant pointer toward problematic drinking. 
  • If you are consuming alcohol while performing important tasks, it could be a sign of a major problem. So, if you think driving after drinking is ok or if you have drunk at work or before going to work on the pretext of managing stress, it could truly mean you need immediate help. Checking yourself on a sobriety calculator and looking out for local AA meetings would perhaps be wise. 
  • If drunken brawls are a common affair with you, it’s again time to check yourself. Are you getting in trouble with family, or law authorities owing to your inebriated state all the time? You certainly need help if the answer is yes. 
  • Problematic drinking will also cause problems and issues with family members, social acquaintances, at work, or perhaps even at school. You need to watch out for such episodes. 
  • If you have been gulping down spirits for managing anxiety and sadness, it is certainly an addictive pattern!
  • A standard drink is either a 12-ounce container of wine cooler or beer or 1.5 ounces of distilled liquor or a 5-ounce glass of red or white wine. So, if you are a man and consuming more than 2 drinks a day, if you are a woman and consuming more than 1 drink a day, you can be categorized as a compulsive drinker. 
  • If there is a persistent behavior of trying to conceal facts about drinking or if you are lying about drinking, an assessment is necessary. 
  • In case your capacity to consume alcohol is increasing by the day, you need to become cautious! Addictive behavior warrants more and more of the substance for creating the desired impact, with every passing day. 
  • Are you experiencing a feeling of grouchiness and unreasonable behavior when alcohol is not available? These could be withdrawal symptoms associated with drinking. 
  • If there are financial problems, social issues, and health complications arising out of drinking, you need to be extremely careful. 

Once you are aware of the symptoms, be vigilant about them and seek help from an AA meeting in South Dakota before it is too late. Techcrams

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