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Watch Out For Few Things When Deciding on Buying a Persian Kitten

by Nathan Zachary

Persian kittens are one of the most popular varieties of cats. These little furballs have a lot to offer, like intelligence, gentle dispositions, and adorable faces. When looking for Persian kittens for sale, it’s important to know a few things. 

These potential pitfalls can turn out to be costly and frustrating.

Things you Need to Do Before Buying a Persian Kitten.

1. Do your research

Persian cats have different personalities and talents, which you should consider when picking your new cat. A great breeder can guide you in the right direction for your needs.

2. Visit the Breeder’s Home

When you visit a breeder’s home, you can tell if they are a good breeder or not. A good breeder will have their Persian kittens for sale in clean and sanitized conditions. Also, their cats will be friendly, and the place will smell fresh. Some breeders may not let you tour the home or meet the parents of your potential cat. Don’t trust their words.

3. Get Your Kitten from a Good Breeder

As you already know, Persian kittens for sale are not cheap. Therefore, it would be best if you were sure that the breeder you plan to purchase from is reputable and reliable. To do this, you should ask for a business license, visit their home unannounced or get references from breeders who have sold cats to you in the past.

4. Visit Reputable Kitten Shops

You can buy Persian kittens from reputable shops as well as breeders. However, there are a few things that reputable kitten shops should have available to ensure the welfare of their kittens. For example, they should be registered with a national pet organization and ask for identification when they enter the store. Also, they should have staff who will let you interact with the kittens and answer your questions.

5. Ask to See Health Records

Healthy kittens only come from healthy parents, so make sure you ask for health information on the mother and father of your new cat. It would be best to ask the breeder for a certificate indicating that the parents are free of genetic health issues such as feline leukemia.

6. Ask for Ear Tabs

Ear tints are a method that Persian breeders use to check for the genetic health of their kittens. You will want to be sure that your Persian kittens for sale are not part of the group with ears that are low in pigment, which can indicate a recessive gene carrier. That is because some carriers may not have the color other genotypes have.

7. Buy a Healthy Cat

It is the most important thing you can do when buying any cat. Persian kittens are no different from other cats in this regard. Your responsibility is to ensure your new feline companion is healthy before you bring them home. Ask the breeder about their kittens’ health problems and how they were treated. Also, ask how many of the kitten’s littermates survived since sickly kittens are more likely to die than healthier ones.

8. Get a Written Contract

Before you look for a new Persian kitten on sale, get a written contract that states that the cat is guaranteed against any genetic defects and guarantees that it has been free of parasites and fleas. You should also get a health certificate from the vet to prove that the cat is healthy.


As you can see, there is a lot to think about when buying your Persian kitten. As long as you research Persian kittens for sale, you can buy from a reputable breeder. Then take your new cat to the vet for a health checkup. Remember to get a written contract from the seller or breeder when buying your Persian kitten.

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