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Everything else fades into the background during a migraine. Migraines might make it impossible to do anything except lie in bed in the dark. Even thinking is impossible due of migraines, so forget about working or taking care of your children. Fortunately, chiropractors in Waterloo know how to relieve your migraine pain naturally, without the use of drugs or invasive techniques.

The only goal of a migraine sufferer is to alleviate the pain. Pain medication side effects are often overlooked when dealing with severe pain. Even those who oppose the use of prescription medications may be forced to reevaluate their position in the face of a migraine.

Waterloo Migraine Headache

Migraine headaches, on the other hand, are rare and may be moderate to severe in severity, making them distinct from tension headaches. migraines are frequent headaches ranging from four hours to three days that are more prevalent in women.

In order to be labelled as a “migraine sufferer,” you must have had at least five attacks in the time period specified. At least two of the following symptoms must be present in order for a headache to be classified as a migraine: constant pain, a single point of origin, nausea or vomiting, hypersensitivity to light or sound, or physical activity accompanied by headaches. 20% of migraine sufferers will experience visual auras before their migraines begin. Even while it’s a helpful heads-up, the agony will still occur.


A Waterloo chiropractor can provide a thorough examination to identify the source of your head or spinal pain. Chiropractors may use X-rays or other testing as part of their examination to assist them choose the best course of action.

Chiropractors often employ spinal adjustments to relieve pressure and tension, both of which may be triggers for migraines. As a result, spinal adjustments can help alleviate pain by improving blood flow. Migraine headaches can be alleviated with nutritional advice from your chiropractor following an evaluation. The onset of migraines has been linked to dietary factors in the past. Finally, posture and stress-reduction practises are part of the therapeutic strategy.

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