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Waterproofing Your Property: What Areas Should Be Properly Waterproof?

by Nathan Zachary
Waterproofing Your Property: What Areas Should Be Properly Waterproof?

Waterproofing is a critical part of preserving the structural integrity of your property. Whether you’re dealing with a residential or commercial property in Bankstown or the surrounding suburbs, waterproofing your property will ensure long-term protection from water damage and can be a major factor in improving the longevity of your building.  Seeking the help of professional waterproofing contractors in Bankstown to perform the waterproofing services is essential to ensure that it is done correctly. But where exactly should you waterproof? 

In this blog post, we’ll give you a comprehensive guide to the areas of your property that should be properly waterproofed. We’ll also provide tips and advice on how to waterproof these areas effectively and efficiently. So if you’re looking for information on waterproofing your property, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the process of applying a liquid or sheet membrane to the exterior of a structure to provide a barrier against moisture. This material is usually a rubber-based coating that is applied directly to the surface of the structure, creating a waterproof barrier that helps protect it against water damage and mold growth.

Waterproofing your property is an important task to ensure that your home and other structures are properly protected from the elements. Waterproofing guards against moisture damage and provides a much-needed barrier against water infiltration that can cause both serious structural damage and significant health risks. But where should you focus your waterproofing efforts? 

Reasons To Waterproof Your Property

Reasons To Waterproof Your Property

Waterproofing your property is essential to protect your home from costly water damage and mold. Property owners should take the time to consider all areas that require waterproofing to keep their property safe and dry. 

Below are some of the main reasons why waterproofing your property is important: 

  • To protect against water damage and leaks
  • To save on energy costs
  • To provide additional insulation
  • To prevent mold and mildew growth
  • To reduce the impact of noise pollution
  • To create a more comfortable living environment
  • Helps to extend the life of your property

What Areas Should Be Properly Waterproofed?

While waterproofing is best when the home or any commercial property is being constructed or renovated is the best time to do it, there are many options that professional waterproofers have available to seal your home no matter what age or condition. 

When it comes to waterproofing your property, there are several areas to consider. Exterior walls, foundations, and other surfaces that may be prone to water infiltration should be properly sealed. Areas near plumbing or drainage systems should be checked and potential weak points should be addressed. Additionally, roofing materials, eaves, and windows should be inspected for leaks that may require sealing.

Every area of your home or commercial property that is likely to be affected by moisture should be waterproofed. Basements, bathrooms and balconies are all areas that need attention. 


Bathrooms are subject to water damage every day and require waterproofing. It is important to waterproof the bathroom’s ceiling, walls, and floor to prevent moisture buildup and leaks. Showers are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, it is important to waterproof the walls and ceiling behind them with a wallboard that is rated for moist environments. The waterproofing company in Blacktown have certified specialists who can ensure these places in the room will be properly sealed and waterproofed. Installing silicone caulk and a rubber membrane as an additional barrier to protect against water penetration and leakage. Furthermore, fixing any existing water damage that may have been caused by improper waterproofing.

A bathroom floor made of tile is an excellent choice because it prevents water from getting through to the floorboards. However, grout must be sealed every year to keep water out. A vent is a way to bring out moist air from the bathroom.


Balconies are susceptible to seepage because they are frequently exposed to elements like rain, snow, and wind. It is important to waterproof your patio if it is wooden framed. Concrete structures may also need extra protection from cracks, mold and UV rays. It is best to leave the job to professionals when waterproofing a balcony.


Your roof is an important place to waterproof. It must withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Water can seep through your roof and cause extensive damage to your home that could be costly to repair.

People tend to think that the roof only includes the shingles. However, shingles are only one component of the entire system and they will not keep water out. It is important to protect the roofing underlayment underneath the shingles.


It can make a huge difference in the kitchen by waterproofing countertops, cabinets, and backsplashes around the stove and sink. Cracked countertops can allow water to seep in and build up, while mold growth is possible under the sink. Kitchen waterproofing can be done in several ways, including sealing joints and surface treatments.


Basements can be prone to flooding, dampness and mold growth. It is essential that waterproofing is done in this area. Your basement is part of your home’s foundation. It should be treated with extra care to prevent it from cracking and settling. If you have valuable possessions stored in your basement, this is especially important. GJK Waterproofing Services, an excellent waterproofing company in Bondi, NSW, is the perfect solution to make sure your basement stays safe and dry all year round.


Waterproofing your home or building is an essential part of protecting it from water damage. By understanding which areas of your property need to be properly waterproofed, you will be able to ensure that you never have to worry about water damage again. From the basement to the roof, all parts of your building should be properly waterproofed and maintained regularly to maintain your peace of mind and protect your property. With the right information, you can make sure that your property is well prepared for any sort of water damage that may occur.

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