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We Asked an eCommerce SEO Expert These Top Questions on SEO

by Nathan Zachary

The internet is positively rife with questions regarding eCommerce SEO and SEO in general. Not everyone agrees on the answer (some of how SEO works is a closely guarded secret, proprietary to each search engine) but something is better than nothing. 

So we went straight to the eCommerce SEO experts at 1DigitalⓇ Agency, who have been building highly successful eCommerce SEO campaigns for over ten years. Here’s what they had to offer us. 

1. How exactly does blogging help SEO?
Blogging helps SEO in numerous ways. On its surface, blogging increases the keyword density of your website and allows you to introduce original information regarding search queries right on your blog pages.

Through blogging, you can also connect and interact with your customers, and guide the user journey through an internal link strategy. 

Blogging also gives you the ability to create evergreen content, which is not only relevant currently but which will continue to generate ranking increases for your website in the future.

2. What is technical SEO?
Basically, technical SEO is anything that impacts how Google’s web spiders know which pages to crawl and index, and which not to crawl. 

For instance, site security, page load speeds (and file sizes which can influence speed), site maps, internal link structure, broken links, and whether or not there is excess code present, are all technical ranking signals.

3. How long does it take for SEO to work?
Impossible to answer in a word, and it depends on so many factors, like the age of the website, the current keyword strategy, the competitive landscape, and how aggressive the campaign is with respect to the scope of work and target keywords.

However, the answer is, “a while.” Regardless of the influencing factors, SEO is a long-term game that you should fully expect to take more than 6 months to start generating results, and in most cases, more than a year.

4. Can I do my own keyword research?
Yes – if you understand the difference between informational, commercial, and transactional search intent, understand why some keywords are difficult to target, and know the general search volume of the keyword in question. 

Which, for most eCommerce entrepreneurs, means no.

5. Should you stop SEO work once you’ve started generating organic search ranking increases?
That is absolutely the worst time to stop SEO work because your ranking increases will fall off. When you start generating ranking increases is time to double down on SEO. Remember, this is a long-term game.

6. Why do most eCommerce SEO experts recommend against targeting extremely generic keywords?
Two reasons, primarily. One is that extremely generic, short-tail keywords are usually surrounded by high competition and ludicrous difficulty scores, and more importantly because those same keywords usually are associated with informational search intent, and not transactional. 

7. What’s the hardest aspect of eCommerce SEO for most online merchants to manage?
Almost definitely link building, because it is never within the direct control of eCommerce businesses. In recent years, private blog networks have come under scrutiny from Google and other search engines, resulting in penalties, so now even that option is off the table. 

Buying cheap links can actually hurt your website’s domain authority if Google assesses them as toxic links. So your only options are to do it the old way, by asking or trading for links, or to work with an eCommerce SEO expert that actually has access to a wide range of high-DA websites. 

Other aspects, like content writing, on-page optimization, and keyword research are difficult, too – but at least writers and SEO specialists can perform that work directly. You can’t make backlinks to your website appear. 

Have Questions of Your Own? Ask the eCommerce SEO Experts Yourself!  
Hopefully, these answers set some of your confusion regarding eCommerce SEO services to rest – but if not, feel free to reach out to the eCommerce SEO experts at 1DigitalⓇ Agency (1DigitalAgency.com) yourself. 

They were more than willing to help us, and their eCommerce SEO agency also offers web design and development services, in addition to other marketing strategies, such as conversion rate optimization and PPC management. 
Visit their website today or contact them directly at 888-982-8269. 

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