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Your Brand Story Matters: Web Services Agency Chicago

by Nathan Zachary
Web Services Agency Chicago

Web Services Agency Chicago and the people behind it have been hard at work helping small businesses in the greater Chicago area since 2009. Whether it’s helping with web development, social media management, or search engine optimization, we’re here to help make your business more successful than ever before. We love what we do and want everyone to know about it! See how your business can benefit from working with us by reading our brand story below. And if you live in the greater Chicago area and are looking for website design or web development help, contact us today!

What Is A Brand Story?

If you think of a brand story as the epic movie version of your company, here are some reasons why your brand story matters.

First, a well-crafted brand story attracts customers to your business. A great story is memorable and can be used to differentiate you from competitors by creating a relationship with the customer through storytelling. The ability to articulate who you are and what value you deliver in such an engaging way that others want to hear it can translate into an advantage over businesses without such a compelling tale. Secondly, your brand story impacts the quality of content that’s produced.

The Benefits Of A Great Brand Story

A great brand story takes time to cultivate and refine. A story is a unique and powerful way to get your audience on board with your mission. As we dive deeper into what makes a great brand story, it becomes evident that they have many benefits. This includes influencing your clients’ perception of you and making them emotionally invested in what you are selling or promoting. There is nothing worse than working hard for something that was never nurtured, and this can be applied to your brand as well. Another benefit of having a strong brand story is being able to share a cohesive message when communicating with customers, in all media forms whether it’s digital or traditional advertising methods such as radio ads or billboards on the side of the road

Promotes Engagement Between Customer And Business

This fall, we will be hosting a workshop that discusses the importance of story in business. It’s one thing to simply be selling products or services but it’s another thing to be selling an experience. No matter what your company does, customers want to know how it benefits them and the world around them. Creating a story for your business that is genuine and authentic is important because people gravitate towards those with true stories. The act of telling someone about what you do helps simplify the message and give your customer a clearer picture of why they should trust you and not just anyone who says they can help them out.

Connects Company to Customers

Web Services Agency Chicago, a digital agency that provides web services for local small businesses. We specialize in WordPress websites, online marketing, eCommerce, and more. Our goal is to provide you with personal service while creating a website that aligns with your brand story. We take pride in what we do and never let our customers go without communication during the process. Connecting on a personal level is important to us because we understand how difficult it can be starting out as a small business owner with no experience under your belt.

Web Services Agency Chicago brings New Customers to Your Business

A well-crafted and thoughtful story about your company will bring new customers to your business. Build a blog page with articles that are helpful, which show your professional approach and establish credibility. Utilize social media to advertise on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, where potential clients can see what you’re all about in just a few seconds. Upload videos or images on Instagram or Snapchat to showcase the faces behind the company too! This will humanize your brand, proving that you’re more than just another faceless corporation in a sea of competitors out there. Just remember, it’s not always easy to tell people all about yourself right away (especially when you are not in business for very long), so take it slow as you to get start.

Spreads Like Wildfire on Social Media

In today’s digital era, content spreads like wildfire on social media channels. Here’s how we maximized our content so that it goes viral on social media channels.

1) Photo – With over 80% of all internet traffic coming from visuals, it is no surprise that companies are turning to high-quality photos to make their products or services more attractive. Showing someone enjoying your product guaranteed to give you better results than just showing the product by itself.

Helps to grow Business

At Ideaseat, we are building a process to help companies clarify their brand identity and strategically integrate it across all platforms to increase visibility and grow business. And at the center of that process is a company’s story – more specifically the how and why behind its story. We want to know everything about your business, your journey, your personality traits that helped you get here – so we can help build an authentic story people will love to share!

Help clients

We all want our work to be meaningful. Our Web Services Agency Chicago want to make a difference in the world, whether that’s through software or something else. But what’s overlooked is how our clients’ stories create an opportunity for us to make an impact as well. Hear about one of the organizations we work with and what it was like on their side of the process.

Boosts SEO For the Business

Since your website is the face of your business, it’s important to always keep your website updated with new information. It not only helps potential customers find out more about what you offer, but it also boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) for the business’ website or online presence.

Start A Website Backup Newer browser are capable of automatically saving a copy of any changes made to a site. If something happens to the site like an update that removes critical information, Google will assume it as an error in their database and return these 404 errors (pages not found). The browser will prompt you to confirm backup this webpage and create a locally saved backup file.

use Referrals for Past Clients

The best marketing for any business is a story that people can relate to. They can buy your products, but they will share your message if it’s compelling. Let’s look at a few examples. Coca-Cola markets itself as the real thing. They show how they work hard to provide a quality product and give back. Wegmans – try finding another grocery store in America with such good food selection and unique brands – is considered to be like going on an adventure each time you walk in the door (and prices are fair). Both these companies put their customers first and believe their customer base should do the same. A mission like this should be our Web Services Agency Chicago because we’re creating something with which other people want to connect or identify with.

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