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Wedding Car to Get to the Altar: How to Decorate It?

by Nathan Zachary

Any wedding movie worth seeing must have tin cans dangling from the bumper and “just married” written in chalk on the back window. But as much as possible, the wedding vehicle decorations should showcase the couple’s unique personalities. (The Knot Shop can help with its extensive selection of decorations, from adhesive decals to vibrant tulle, for dressing up any car.) Whether you’re planning a drive-by wedding or want to spruce up the getaway car, there are several ways to spread the word.

Several safety precautions should also be taken into account. We’ve listed our favourite picks for wedding car decorations below, along with information on who should decorate it, when, how, and why.

Flower Garland

Attach a bouquet to each end of a garland of greenery strung across the car’s trunk. The result is a contemporary interpretation of a time-honoured classic.

Fabric Sign

A placard in cherry red stands out in contrast to a vintage white car. This idea is the pinnacle of stylish modernity when adorned with gold calligraphy and an identical floral garland.

Tin Cans

The tin can trail the bride and groom leave behind as they go down the aisle is one of the most recognisable aspects of a wedding. You’ll probably concur that this is the ideal approach to adorn the wedding car if you’re a traditionalist. While it would seem obvious to tie the cans to your bumper, you should make an effort to ensure that they don’t seem sloppy (seriously). Labels should be removed from cans before being fastened with sturdy twine or rope that won’t break after a few minutes in the car, even though you should only use empty cans.


A wreath of flowers is a timeless and chic addition to a wedding car service in London. To add flair, you can display the wreath without ribbons (it will still look beautiful anyway).

Hire professionals.

Being stranded due to a delayed or unavailable form of transportation is one of the worst things that may happen. To lessen this possibility, you should exercise due investigation when choosing a respectable company to work with. If you opt to hire a wedding planner, they probably have connections with reputable transportation companies. Every organization should be insured with adequately maintained vehicles and competent licensed drivers. Additionally, the organization needs to be skilled in creating logical transportation schedules.

Ribbons & Flowers

Any getaway car for the carefree couple would look beautiful with a final touch of vibrant flowers and long, flowing ribbons. Pick blooms that go well with the car’s colour, such as these vivid yellow and pink roses next to a white convertible.

Wedding Hashtag

Larger vehicles like a shuttle bus or school bus will undoubtedly be needed to transport the entire wedding party. Add your wedding hashtag to the side to decorate. This couple used family connections to have their hashtag painted on the side of the bus for their wedding. Still, custom signage is a fantastic, temporary option that can be removed immediately after the big event.

Greenery & Bows

This adorable, passionate couple has people in their hearts swooning. A vintage-inspired look is created by combining a calligraphy “Just Married” sign with a blush pink ribbon and bunches of greenery.

Greenery Garland

Whether your wedding’s motif is rustic, boho, or classic, this hassle-free flora garland is the ideal finishing touch. Your florist can guide how to secure the garland to stay in place throughout the ceremony.


Use letter balloons to spell out a lighthearted message on the back bumper of your car. Say “I do,” your initials or even the wedding date to salute the happy couple.

Minimalist Sticker

If subtlety is more your thing, there’s no need to go nuts. A tasteful approach to decorating without going crazy is to place a “Just Married” sticker on the back window of the wedding car.

Modernize car wraps.

Wrap designs are not just for businesses. While paint can still be used, vinyl decals for car wrap designs offer a more contemporary and unique appearance. Consider the expensive cost of printing while learning the fundamentals of creating automobile wraps. Luxury wedding car hire companies may utilise vehicle wrap designs to differentiate themselves from the competition.


The art of wedding automobile decoration calls for careful planning and execution. Wedding cars ought to be adorned so that they appear to be wedding automobiles inside and out, rather than being slapped together in a hurry. It’s crucial to take your time and do it well because there are times when the décor determines whether or not the wedding car is a success.

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