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Wedding Planners In India And Budgeted Tips To Follow

by Nathan Zachary

Maybe you have finalized the boy or girl for your child’s marriage. The next step will be plan the wedding ceremony and take adequate preparations. Indian marriages are generally quite elaborate and involve a lot of things. What if you have a tight budget and want to optimize the available choices to make it grand as much as possible. In today’s financially challenging times and high inflation rates, you need to be careful with your planning.

Budgeted Wedding

You need to find ways and means to celebrate this occasion in the best possible manner that allows satisfaction and ensures happiness at all levels. Holding a wedding no more is required to be an expensive affair to make it memorable and beautiful. Also, there is no need to get into debt. Taking help of the reliable wedding planners in india will ensure cutting down on unwanted costs and optimizing the available resources.

Planning The Budget

This is perhaps the very first thing that you need to undertake before considering anything else. Spend quality time with the family to prepare a list of things desired in the wedding. Also get to know what the bride or groom family desires and take those aspects into account in the list. Set priorities to ensure you do not miss out on the vital ones. Create categories like wedding banquet halls, floral, decorations, invitations, photography, wedding attire, catering, etc.

Choose Buffet Over Formal Plated Dinner

If you are eager to save money, then buffet can prove to be a worthwhile option for the wedding. It also is a great option for a large wedding. Formal dinners are likely to involve a good number of staffs to cater to the guests and fulfil their needs. Moreover, the caterer’s per person menu is found to be quite affordable. You should discuss both the option with an experienced planner to choose the right one.

Reduce Guest List

Prepare a rough guest list. Then create a second list that involves a shorter version of the first one. Reducing guest list will help bring down the costs involved. It is necessary to understand that every person invited is likely to be an additional cost. This is concerning every aspect like beverage, food, reception seats, decorations, favours, etc. Half of the budget allocated generally is consumed by catering and venue. These should be saved with wise planning.

Off-Season Wedding

This is another important aspect you may consider. Generally, the wedding band baja agencies and venues offer off-season discounts to ensure business. You can get to know the lean seasons and accordingly hold the marriage to avail the financial benefits. This way, you can achieve more things with the budget that you have earmarked for the wedding than what is derived during peak seasons. Vendors will be more than happy to get your business and cut down their costs.

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