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A wireless video intercom is a more advanced version of the traditional intercom. The intercom or intercom is a communication system used within a building. This is Gegensprechanlage a standalone device and does not rely on a telephone network for operation. Intercoms are basically used to identify unknown people trying to enter a building, most often equipped with a security lock. In earlier years, the intercom included only voice communication, but with advances in technology, now it not only has video but has already evolved into a wireless system.

What’s so good about a wireless video intercom?

With this type of intercom, installation is much more convenient since no wires are required, and therefore it is also easier to set up. Another good thing about this wireless device is that it can be easily removed and replaced in another part of the house at any time. You can even take it with you in case you plan to move to another house. Also, because the device already has video recording capabilities, you can more easily identify who is speaking on the other line.

Does this communication system have disadvantages?

As with any other wireless device, interference can become a significant disadvantage of this video intercom. Other electronic devices, as well as other wireless devices, can interfere with the wireless signals and affect the performance of the device. Devices such as microwave ovens, baby monitors, scanners, cordless phones, wireless routers, and other electronic devices that are on the same frequency can cause wireless intercom interference. External interference includes transformers, motors, or lighting fixtures.

can be picked up by an unsecured wireless intercom .

Preventing interference or security concerns

Since interference is the main disadvantage of this wireless device, efforts have been made to solve or reduce this problem. To reduce interference from devices using the same frequency, Canada and the United States have allocated a number of frequency ranges for wireless intercoms, namely 49MHz, 150MHz, 494-608MHz, and 2.4GHz. Strategic device placement, grounding, and shielding methods can be implemented to reduce external interference.

One way to prevent others from overhearing conversations is to encrypt or secure the system. Setting a security code helps reduce or eliminate the risk of privacy invasion.

Other features of the device

Depending on the device model and price, video intercoms offer different . There are those that offer video portability, greater transmission distance, or better video quality. Basically, the main benefit of a wireless video intercom is that not only can you see the person/s at your door, but you can also take advantage of the convenience that wireless devices offer.

This article contains only basic information about what intercoms are in general and how the wireless version differs from the traditional one. To learn more about what a wireless video intercom is and all its functions and features, you can search SafeSecure24

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