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What age should ride a hoverboard?

by Nathan Zachary

Many people have heard such a word as a hoverboard, but not everyone fully understands what it is, even if they see a photo. Most people compare this device to a fictional vehicle that was invent by the creators of various science fiction films. However, the future where it us has already arrived.

What is hover board?

This is a hoverboard above the ground or above the water surface. It looks like a skateboard without wheels. Depending on the type of device, it may require a special coating.

History of occurrence?

Nazad-budusheeWhen we see various devices of the future in science fiction films, some, of course, wonder if they will ever actually exist. However, when Back to the Future 2 was release in 1989, few people imagine that levitating boards (on which people move in the cinema) would appear in reality in the next two decades. So the hovering vehicle was originally the directors’ idea. Then, already in the 21st century, developers became interested in it. It took engineers and scientists about 20 years to bring the idea to life.


So, a is a board that moves not on the surface, but above it. That is, by air. Many people are familiar with such a device as an electric one-wheeled skateboard. It can found on the streets of large cities quite often. In fact, this is a skateboard, but not with four wheels, but with one large one located in the centre. To move on such a vehicle, self-balancing require. Due to this, it seems that the board on which the person is standing is floating through the air. hoverboard, this device is still not a hoverboard. Therefore, many are wondering if there is a flying skateboard (board), we will answer it. Many corporations have been inventing such a vehicle since 2001. hover board, not all attempts were successful. Of the latest models that really float through the air, one can single out the development of Lexus, which was introduce in 2015. Its work is based on the principle of quantum levitation. The device operates on superconductors cooled with liquid nitrogen. The conductors placed in a magnetic field that completely displaced from the volume of the conductor. It turns out a pillow that allows you to hang in the air.

Control principle?

Article back-to-the-future-hoverboard. JPEGs. Koala in his development provided for the control of the vehicle with a remote control, which is in the hands of the pilot. Theoretically, it would be possible to do without it. That is, to make it so that a person controls the board according to the principle of a gyro scooter: by pressing the legs, he deflects the platform so that it flies in the required direction to compensate for the tilt. However, in this case, the risk becomes higher. The gyroscope can make a mistake; one careless movement will lead to moving to the side In addition, when you press the board with your feet, the weight shifts. This can be a big problem when the 8 propellers rotate at high speed and create a powerful gyroscopic effect. Thus, Koala came to the conclusion that equipping the device with a remote control would be much more convenient and less dangerous. If the word “safety” applies to this vehicle at all. Tragedy can ensue if the pilot makes a mistake or loses control of the system. In addition to the fact that he himself will break, other people who will be below will also suffer.

What difficulties arose during the invention?

Whatever happens to Koala’s device in the future, the very fact of its creation has already gone down in history. According to the inventor, he will not able to express in word how much time and effort was spent on the development of his flying vehicle. He was told that nothing would come of his idea, it was impossible to overcome the laws of physics; it was not worth wasting your time resource. hoverboard, Koala did not stop, he tried to do what he wanted, and he succeeded. Also, if you wish, you can ride on the water version of the soaring board – fly board. This service is provided in many cities of Russia. To use this unit precisely as a means of transportation in everyday life, you will have to wait. Segways, manufacturers claim that they are actively working on it.

Why hover boards are popular?

If you put a representative of the younger generation before the choice of what to buy – a hoverboard or a overboard, many will prefer the second option. And all because the first device quite common, but a flying board can seen infrequently. Young people love everything technically new, exclusive, as mobile as possible. In addition, when riding this vehicle, it is possible to get a huge amount of emotions, which are accompanied by a colossal adrenaline rush.

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