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What Are Some Good Mobile Home Roofing Options?

by Nathan Zachary

If you have a mobile home and want to replace your roof for any reason, you must consider the options available to you so that you get the most with your money. As there are many choices available, you must take time to learn about each option so that you can decide what provides you with the most features, quality, and best price. 

Before opting for mobile home roofing, Fort Myers, FL, there are three options you can choose from, namely aluminum, TPO, and asphalt shingles. In this blog, you will be able to learn more about each mobile roofing option.

Mobile Home Roofing Options 

The different mobile home roofing options are as follows:

  • Asphalt shingles 

These are roofing materials used on mobile homes, and there are some things you must consider about these asphalt shingles. Only two or three layers of these shingles are accepted on a site-built house, but for a mobile home, only one roofing layer is allowed. If you need to replace an asphalt shingle roof, you must remove the entire roof and replace them. 

You will not be able to cover this type of mobile home roofing, Fort Myers, FL, with another roofing layer as you do in a basic shingle roof. The main reason is due to the weight, as mobile home roof trusses are not built to withstand extra roofing weight. With a single layer available, the shingles may leak if there is less standing between your home and the elements. 

  • Aluminum 

You cannot use this type of roofing material alone. Instead, aluminum works with other materials that can work as an insulating layer. As aluminum is lightweight, it is considered ideal for any mobile home, but if not installed properly, it may not provide the energy efficiency and insulation that people desire. If your roof gets damaged even by a little, you may have to replace the entire aluminum sheet, which can be costly. 

  • TPO 

This is a preferred mobile home roofing, Fort Myers, FL, material that is easy to install and is also flexible. This roofing material is white, which can help in energy efficiency and is also cheap. Other than this, the installation is also lower, and different seam widths are available. It is also lightweight and durable in all types of weather.

How to Choose Between These Three Mobile Roofing Options? 

In terms of energy efficiency, aluminum is preferred, but it will not offer you much unless you use it with good insulating material. But the added material can lead to more costs, asphalt can be considered a good insulator, but it may cause leakages in mobile homes. TPO membrane roof overs are considered energy efficient in all types of weather and are also cost-efficient. 

Final Words  

Before opting for mobile home roofing, Fort Myers, FL, you can look at the three mobile roofing options above. You can opt for any type of mobile roof based on what you need. You need to contact a reputed roofing company to consult the best roofing ideas for your mobile home. https://techcrams.com/

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