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What are the 3 techniques for writing an argumentative essay?

by Nathan Zachary

Are you in search of some essay help to guide you? Do you want to write the best argumentative essay of your entire academic life? Essay Writers Hub is here for your rescue! So, if you want to uncover the secret ingredients that make up the recipe of a good argumentative essay, you are in the perfect spot! We have guidelines that can help you ace any essay be it argumentative or creative. Our proficient writers can help you draft the most perfect essay that will help you secure the best grades! Anyhow, let’s uncover the three top techniques of writing an argumentative essay that will bag you a solid A grade!

Choose A Logical Topic

The key to writing an argumentative essay is to choose a topic that can be truly argued upon. Not every topic qualifies as a good argumentative essay. The line between a logical argument and an illogical one is very thin. And, since an essay is an academic document, you have to be quite mindful of the topic. Writing a good argumentative essay is a very difficult task, you need to have a lot of skill and vocabulary for it. The way you choose your words matters a lot while writing an argumentative essay. This is why most people don’t even consider writing argumentative essays and choose easier options.

We all know that argumentative essays can be really boring. However, if you choose the right topic, you can make an exception and gain the attention of your audience. Everyone loves a valid argument and there are a lot of scopes for you to promote it. When you argue about something, you are usually picking sides. It is important to know that not everyone has the same mindset as you so they might disagree with you as well. However, the art of writing an argumentative essay is to convince the reader why your viewpoint is better.

For instance, you are trying to convince someone that online learning is better than physical learning. It would obviously be a very hard task because people always stick to traditional things and change is not always accepted. To prove your point, you have to build a very strong argument; the one that is logical. In addition, you have to make sure that your words don’t offend others who disagree with your point of view. Meaning; that you should use vocabulary that is not harsh or offensive. While writing an argumentative essay, you have to be really mindful of your choice of words.  

Gather pieces of evidence

Now comes the most daunting part; gathering pieces of evidence to support your topic. Convincing your readers why your viewpoint is better is a really hard task. Obviously, you cannot make people change their mindsets or beliefs that easily. If you are going to challenge the beliefs of people, you have to be prepared. People only believe what they can see in black and white. This is exactly why you need to have solid proof supporting the statement that you are going with. Otherwise, there is no way that people would take your word.

You cannot shapeshift into a messiah or become a wizard overnight to change the perceptions of people. Thus, the only logical way of doing so is by gathering pieces of evidence. No here comes the tricky part; the pieces of evidence have to be authentic and trustworthy. If you are taking help from websites for your research, you should know that not all websites have authentic content. There are certain user-friendly websites that allow their users to tamper with the information. As a result, the authenticity is put at risk and so are the chances of your essay being accepted.

Let’s consider the same example we used above; that online learning is better than physical learning. You cannot make people change their opinions and agree with your stance without any evidence. To make it possible, you have to give them something positive; the stats. You can attach some survey reports that show progress in students from online learning. Or, you can take a few quotes from articles or published works that show why online learning is better. In addition to this, you can also state some obvious benefits of online learning. Some pieces of evidence are really important to prove that your argument is logical otherwise there would be no weight to it.

Structure It Right

When it comes to argumentative essays, your layering also matters. Meaning; that the way you arrange the information that you are about to put in matters a lot. You have to be mindful that argumentative essays have the most room for controversy. Because, as we said, not everyone has the same mindset as you. People have the right to disagree with your opinions because they are free to have their own. You have to be very smart and respectful about your words otherwise you will end up offending more people than you intend to please.

Therefore, when you are beginning your essay, use a tone that is light and neutral. The last thing that you want to do is offend your readers. Never open your essay with a strong, declarative statement that is too much for others to take in. No one would move further if your introductory paragraph is too intense or doesn’t sit well with their beliefs. Always keep some room for others to adjust and slowly mold into your opinions that is the true test of your writing skills.

There is a lot that goes into the essay writing process, quite honestly. These are some tips that can help you form the base of your argumentative essay. However, this is not all, there is a lot that goes into writing an argumentative. Hold on, we don’t mean to scare you, we just want to let you know that we are here for you. Essay Writing Hub is one of the most trusted essay-writing partners of more than a million students worldwide. Thus, you can count on us for any sort of essay help and we promise to not bring you down!

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