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What Are The 5 Features Of Effective Writing?

by Nathan Zachary

Writing Professionally and Academically According to these Rules:

You can excel, or at least perform competently, for any assignment if you follow these established rules for effective writing, whether you are writing term papers or essays for school or working as a professional writer – be it a technical writer, journalist, copywriter, or speechwriter:

  1. There is a clear purpose to good writing.
  2. There is a clear purpose to good writing.
  3. Specific information is provided to support that point.
  4. The information is clearly connected and arranged.
  5. Throughout the text, the words and sentences are appropriate, concise, emphatic, and accurate.

Punctuation, Spelling, and Grammar Should be Use:

In academic and professional writing (despite advertising often being a cross between creative and non-fiction), you need a good understanding of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation more than most other genres.

Participation in a Conversation:

You have to balance the aforementioned essentials with your own voice when writing academic or professional material that will actually be read. Consider your writing as part of a conversation, regardless of its academic content. The information you want to convey must be explained in an easily understandable and clear way. You may find it easier to write if you imagine you’re talking instead.

Writing Creatively and Nonfictionally:

Although non-fiction alone encompasses a wide range of genres and formats, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. If there were only one kind of writing, it would be easier to come up with an overarching set of conventions. Adding poetry, fiction and playwriting to the mix (in their myriad forms and subgenres), blogging, podcasting, and screenwriting (to name just a few) makes it nearly impossible to formulate a one-size-fits-all definition of good and bad writing.

The Difference Between Good and Bad Writing:

In disciplines such as fiction, poetry, and plays, it’s difficult to tell good writing from bad because what constitutes “good” writing is often subjective, and what constitutes subjective writing is a matter of taste. It is common for people to know what they love and what they do not -but that does not mean that the writing they dislike is necessarily bad.

What Makes a Good Writer:

The right capitalization and smooth sentences are all important components of good writing. There is no way a writer can keep track of all the ingredients at once. Structure, ideas, and correctness are three crucial qualities to consider instead. It is important that all writing exhibits these qualities, whether it is a paragraph, an essay, a report, or a story.


The beginning, middle, and end of a piece of writing should be clearly defines. An easy-to-follow order is following for each main point and supporting detail.


Information about a specific topic is presenting effectively in effective writing. Supporting details provide a thorough development of the ideas. Strong sentences and specific words are used to present these details.


Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are basic guidelines for good writing. The work is editing with care to ensure that it is accurate and easy to read.

There are many traits of effective writing which can be summarizes in these qualities, including ideas, organization, voice, choice of words, sentence fluency, and conventions. In the Common Core, students in grades K through 5 are emphasizing on just three traits (ideas, structures, conventions) while state writing standards has to be base on the traits for more than 50 years. An effective writer possesses these traits in a reduced list. We call these qualities.

An effective writer possesses these traits in a reduced list. We call these qualities. From powerful metaphors to correct semicolons, he received hundreds of responses. In order to make sense of these responses, Diederich grouped them into six categories:


The beginning, middle, and end of good write are clearly defines. Suitable organization pattern is using for each main point and supporting detail.


There’s something unique about the way a writer expresses ideas and emotions. Having a personal voice adds personality to writing; it demonstrates that the writer sincerely cares about the audience and the subject.

Word Choice:

In good writing, specific nouns are use, active verbs are use, and clarifying modifiers are use. A particular message or tone can be communicating by the overall level of language.

Sentence Fluency:

It is important to write in a smooth and clear manner from one sentence to another. Various lengths and beginnings are use in sentences. It is enjoyable to read the writing because it has a rhythm


Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are the basics of good writing. Surly, that the work is easy to follow and accurate, it is editing with care.

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