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What are the different types of packaging materials used for Custom Packaging?

by Nathan Zachary

Custom packaging boxes are widely in use in both small and large-scale businesses nowadays. With an increase in the economic activity and trade throughout the world, the transfer of things among countries has become a regular activity. So packaging of the products matters a lot now. Whatever the nature of the business, whether it is small scale or large scale, the packaging and boxing of the products plays a great deal in business growth and gives it a competitive edge over others in the field.

Materials that can be used to make packaging boxes:

The packaging boxes are made from the material inside. The weight, nature, compatibility with the environment, and everything else matter greatly. You have to choose the packaging material very wisely to make your business a success. Different materials used in packaging nowadays are:

  1. Cardboard boxes:

Cardboard stock is the best-suited and most reasonable material that can be used to contain items of ordinary weight like jewelry, cosmetics, bags, clothes, etc. They are highly protective and are available on a low budget also. They keep the inside material safe from heat and wetness. But they are not an ideal choice for heavy materials and packages.

  • Kraft papers:

They have a bit similar nature to the cardboard boxes. They are known to cover less space and are lighter in weight. They enclose in them very light things like some eatables, fried food, etc. They have oil-absorbing quality and are eco-friendly.  But one drawback is there. Kraft material doesn’t have any cushioning and so no protection for longer distances and longer periods.

  • Aluminum foils :

Foiling is always an ideal option when food is required not to stick to the packaging. It is also known as a silver sheet and gives a royal look to the food serving when wrapped around it. It can also be wrapped around anything that needs heat and air protection.

  • Foam:

This material comes in handy when some breakable things require protection. Foam is made by expanding polystyrene beads on heat and keeping the things like eggs, glass art, etc. Unbreakable over long distances. They are heat and water resistant

But foam is not a good option when you have to adjust more material in lesser space as it is itself space requiring.

  • Polythene:

Polythene material is highly effective when it comes to protecting the material. Many things of sensitive nature like food items, some makeup products, etc. Are put in these plastic sheets. Plastic however is not an ecologically friendly material and is better to be least used.

  • Corrugated and rigid stock:

These boxes are the most protective ones when it comes to enclosing heavy material and transferring it to places. They have flutes in them that give the heaviness and strength.  Things like shoes, furniture items, liquids, etc. Need such type of protection.

                     And the usefulness of all these packaging materials enhances when they are customized according to the time, occasion and feasibility.

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