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What are the types of maintenance you can perform with CMMS?

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What are the types of maintenance you can perform with CMMS?

Companies typically employ one of six distinct maintenance strategies. There is a wide variety of both preventative and emergency approaches. Maintenance can be prohibitively expensive or surprisingly cheap, and it can both cause and alleviate issues for a business depending on its organizational structure. Why it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out maintenance plan and CMMS software in place includes considering factors like customer satisfaction, total cost, and cost-effectiveness relative to the return on investment.

Types of Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

The majority of maintenance performed is preventative. Routine upkeep is carried out at predetermined time intervals. Avoiding a catastrophic failure of an asset is why preventive maintenance was developed in the first place. Time and usage are both valid indicators for when preventive maintenance should be performed.

Predictive Maintenance

As one of the most involved preventative maintenance strategies, this method necessitates the installation of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in the assets and the use of cutting-edge computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software.

For predictive maintenance to be effective, it must draw upon sensor data from live assets, merge it with data from the past, and then generate forecasts. With the help of these forecasting models, maintenance managers can plan for upcoming upkeep at the best possible times. Artificial intelligence within the CMMS is responsible for creating predictive models.

Condition-Based Maintenance

In many respects, the condition-based maintenance approach is analogous to the more familiar predictive maintenance method (PdM). Condition-based maintenance, like predictive maintenance, makes use of in-built sensors to track machinery health in real-time. On the other hand, condition-based maintenance is activated when the measured parameters reach unacceptable levels or show any anomaly, unlike PdM. The maintenance crew needs to make the necessary adjustments to the machine immediately to prevent a breakdown.

Corrective Maintenance

Most maintenance managers try to avoid this type of reactive maintenance because of how common it is. Unpredictable maintenance, or “corrective maintenance,” is another name for this type of service. What this means is any sort of service or maintenance that needs to be performed on an asset that is in good working order and not in danger of breaking down soon.

However, there are varying degrees of corrective maintenance, from a quick repair when a component begins to fail to a full replacement of the asset.

Technicians and mechanics are often needed to restore the equipment to normal functioning. The cost of repairing malfunctioning machinery may increase if assistance from the original equipment manufacturer is required.

Run-to-Failure Maintenance

Managers can choose the run-to-failure maintenance strategy, which entails delaying any sort of preventive maintenance on assets until they break down. This strategy for upkeep is reactive, but it’s planned reactive maintenance. And, despite common belief, that is the best way to handle certain assets. Managers often employ this strategy when their assets are:

have low repair/replacement costs and can be quickly replaced/replaced with minimal disruption to operations Learn which assets meet the aforementioned requirements as a first step in the planning process. You should let equipment run until it fails if the cost of having technicians perform preventive maintenance is greater than the direct costs of replacing the asset and the indirect costs of operating without the asset.

Emergency Maintenance

Even though it’s best to avoid emergency maintenance at all costs, it’s also the type of maintenance that’s most crucial for a company to prepare for. Similar to corrective maintenance, this strategy involves a quick reaction to the unexpected breakdown of an asset, but it is more pressing because the breakdown endangers the lives of people inside the building. A chemical spill in a factory is an example of an emergency that necessitates maintenance.

CloudApper CMMS for Maintenance

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