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What are The Various Costs That Determine SAP B1 Pricing?

by Nathan Zachary
SAP B1 pricing

There are quite a number of factors that determine the SAP B1 pricing. The most basic cost is the license cost as well as the annual maintenance costs. Other than these, the features such as implementation, customization, data migration, hardware, as well as reporting will also have costs associated with them which will ultimately affect the SAP software price.

Various costs which affect the SAP B1 pricing

1. The implementation costs are dependent on the processes as well as business requirements such as the number of users, the number of modules to be configured, whether it is a single or multiple countries set up, extra add-ons, and any customization.

2. If the employees are not familiar with the SAP Business One system, then the training that the staff will need also affects the SAP B1 Pricing.

3. SAP Business One as well as the third-party solution add-ons have a fixed rate which is a percentage of the license costs. These are essential for the SAP software to work effectively. It also includes the extra labour costs for partners for the upgradation of SAP Business One and add-ons.

4. The SAP B1 pricing will depend on the implementation as there are many variables to factor into the cost. SAP Business One implementation will generally include a support package, which has a particular amount of on-site support, email support, and phone support available to the organization every year. Support is used for resolving any issues, backing up or restoring the data, or even further configurations after the implementation process.

The price models and licenses of SAP Business One

1. On-premise (users can purchase licenses one time as well as pay the annual maintenance fees)
2. Subscription (users can pay a subscription every month for the use of the system)

Type of Licenses

1. Professional Licenses or Limited Licenses – In case there are ten or more users who want to use the full SAP Business One functionality, these two licenses have to be taken. Professional Licenses provide access to all the SAP Business One features. Medium or big businesses with more users will benefit from this kind of license.

2. Limited Licenses –There are three kinds of limited licenses that are available – Customer Relationship Management, Logistics, as well as Financials. Employees can only access functions that are related to their work, which will reduce the time and effort that is spent on the configuration of user authorizations.

3. Starter Pack Licenses of SAP Business One – This license works best for small businesses which have around one-five users. It is a lite version of SAP Business One which include accounting, item management, purchasing, and sales orders.

Is the SAP software price too high?

SAP Business One offers a lot of clarity about the entire business and enables effective control of all the different aspects of the business operations which will include customer management, analytics, sales, reporting, purchase, etc. The security, as well as the maintenance of these operations, is quite costly which in turn will make SAP Business One expensive. SAP B1 pricing depends on the customization and it will depend on the location as well. If the developer is based out of the location, then the cost can also increase.


SAP Business One enables the effective streamlining of business processes, offers real-time information, as well as helps in enhancing the overall business performance. The SAP B1 pricing is determined by a number of factors such as the number of users in the organization, etc. The total SAP software price will also incorporate the SAP license price in addition to the costs for the software implementation as well as system maintenance. The cost will depend on the users and functions of the organization. The system can be customized and the customer will only pay for what they need.

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