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What Are Wheel Spacers? Pros & Cons

by Nathan Zachary

Wheel spacers are a simple way to make your ride look better and give it a performance boost. It’s a great modification for a vehicle that’s already in good shape and has the potential to be better. A wheel spacer is a thin device that is placed in between the wheel and the hub or the wheel and the brake caliper. It is installed in place of a wheel hub bearing, which is normally the piece that will make the wheel not fit. You can buy best quality wheel spacers online from here.

Basically, it’s a spacer that’s thinner than a bearing and is used to create the same space between a large wheel and the hub that a small wheel and a small hub would have. For example, if you have a large wheel in the front and a small wheel in the back, you will not be able to spin the wheel in the front. This will create vibrations that travel through to the steering wheel and to the driver’s seat.

What are the benefits of wheel spacers?

Suncentauto.com is a place to buy wheel spacers that are solid disks that allow you to enlarge the distance between your vehicle’s hub and the wheel. Wheel spacers are a great way to improve the tires’ performance and improve the ride quality of your car. If we want to get technical, wheel spacers are actually a type of hub centric wheel adapter. They are used to enlarge the distance between a vehicle’s hub and the wheel. 

The main benefits of wheel spacers are: They improve the tires’ performance. They improve the ride quality of your car. If you have a vehicle that has small wheels and you want them to look bigger, spacers will do that for you. If you have a vehicle that has big wheels and you don’t have enough room for them, spacers will help with that. A simple way to improve the ride quality of your car is to replace the stock wheels with a set of aftermarket wheels and wheel spacers.

Disadvantages of wheel spacers

It’s not all a bed of roses. There are situations where installing wheel spacers can lead to a number of problems. For example, the wheel spacer is usually made of metal and the wheels might be made of alloy. In this situation, the wheel spacers will lead to an increase in the weight of the vehicle. This might cause an increase in the fuel consumption of the vehicle. This might lead to a decrease in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

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