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What does a react JS developer do?

by Nathan Zachary
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A react JS developer’s job is to create powerful user interfaces that respond dynamically to user interaction and data and speed up frontend development by minimizing the amount of backend code required to render dynamic websites and applications. While most companies have at least one frontend developer on staff, it’s becoming increasingly common to see them hire full-time developers focused solely on the react library since its release in 2013. Below is some information on what these developers do day-to-day and how you can become one yourself.

React.js fundamentals

React.js is often described as the V in MVC. The job of React is to take all the data created by your application or some other application and determine how it should be rendered on the screen. If you want to add new features, you must work with React code. React developers have to know the fundamentals of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and one more programming language, such as JavaScript (Angular) or Ruby (Rails). They also need to be familiar with Flux architecture for creating user interfaces. In addition, they must understand when it is appropriate to use React Native versus another framework like AngularJS or Ember.

Page management with React.js

Using React, developers are able to create interfaces that are up-to-date without having to continuously update or reload the page. All of the data is stored in one file, so any changes made to the document only need to be written on the client side. This is different from a traditional website, where all of your content resides on a server and must be uploaded every time something is changed.

With this new design, you will see updates as they happen in real-time on the webpage. Developers use these features for things like social media feeds, messaging applications, and more.

React.js code architecture

React is designed to create robust web interfaces. The javascript library is one of the many different frontend languages, like Angular and Vue.js, which can be used in a server-rendered website, and they all have their benefits. React Developers use the JavaScript language to write code for the browser using components. These are individual elements that you can reuse across your site and applications.

Reusable components are easier for developers to work with because they only need to focus on what each component needs individually instead of rewriting it again and again. There are other libraries you may also want to use with React, such as Lodash or ImmutableJS, but these are optional pieces that will make development easier depending on your project needs.

React.js testing

The main work of developers is to create new features, fix bugs, and make the app stable. They are also responsible for monitoring the performance and maintaining it. In addition, they will analyze user behavior and identify any usability issues. React developers should be able to communicate in a variety of languages, such as JavaScript and CSS.

A good react JS developer should be able to use & follow modern custom software application development practices like TDD (Test Driven Development) and Continuous Integration, which requires knowledge in programming languages like JavaScript and CSS with frameworks like ReactJS.

React Developer needs an eye for detail and impeccable attention to code quality. They need to be strong communicators, experts in analytics and possess analytical skills for identifying bugs and testing how an application works on different devices.

Bonus: A React Job Description

JS is really fun to code and very fun to develop. JavaScript is a flexible language for programming that can be used for client-side as well as server-side scripting, which means that it can be accessed by web browsers as well as traditional programming languages. React is a framework created by Facebook that utilizes JavaScript and the power of libraries like Redux. A React job description would typically include creating functional apps with an emphasis on user experience design.

React.js components

React is an open-source JavaScript library used to build interactive UIs. You may have heard of this because it’s the core technology behind Facebook, Instagram, and other popular web apps. It’s called reactive because it renders the UI by binding together data and presentational components. React implements one-way data flow, making it easy to understand code paths and preventing cascading updates that are hard to predict.

React developers typically use libraries like Redux for state management, Jest for testing, and FlowType for type checking. They can be hired as full-stack developers or specialize in different parts of the stack, such as frontend or backend development. Web applications built with React often use Node.js on the server side for their back-end needs. Developers who create components using React primarily work on frontend technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Shashank Suryavanshi is the Senior Front-End Developer of leading ReactJs web development company  Devstringx Technologies. He has 07 Years of experience in Angular and reacts js web development. Based on his experience in IT industry he is very technical and is good at handling complex logic and attractive UI for web applications. he enjoys connecting with people and keeping himself updated with the latest technology.

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