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What happens after labor?

by Nathan Zachary

You have received enough advice on what to do during pregnancy. People have imparted wisdom on being healthy during the time the baby is percolating, but what about after the baby is born?

Knowing what to expect once the baby is here and preparing accordingly for it is imperative.  While your experience after birth will also be contingent on the type of delivery you had, but you also should be prepared for some uncomfortable things.

Things to expect after labor

Expect pain

Expect pain, in fact, expect a lot of pain. Naturally, birth is a traumatic experience for your body. However, you can soldier through it. If, however, the pain is intense and unbearable, talk to your gynecologist in Lahore.

Expect bleeding

Vaginal bleeding in the aftermath of birth is also one point women need to be careful about. The bleeding is heavier at first, and includes clots and tissue, as the uterus gets rid of the debris, however, if the clots are large, or if you are soaking through the pads at an alarming rate, immediately consult your doctor.

It may be a case of postpartum hemorrhaging, and unless remedied in time, it may lead to a lot of blood loss. In extreme cases, it may be fatal as well.

Expect stitches

If you have had birth through c-section, you will definitively have stitches. These require added care, lest they get infected. However, if you have had a vaginal birth, you might or might not have stitches. Usually, stitches are needed if there are tears, or the doctor or midwife had to conduct an episiotomy. These stitches also need care, so need to take caution.

Expect toilet issues

Going to the toilet can be challenging. Some women might have trouble urinating, in which case, they need to inform the doctor. They might need a catheter then.

Similarly, passing stool after birth can be dauting. It is common to have constipation after birth, but that is not good for the stitches. So, make sure to take sufficient fiber and water so it can be prevented. It is also important that you not strain when passing stool, as the area is still sore and healing.

If you are having problems with passing stool, you should talk to your doctor. They can prescribe laxatives or stool softeners to help ease the situation.

Expect sweating

As hormones fluctuate after giving birth, therefore, there can be sweating or hot flushes post-baby. These are more common during the first few weeks of giving birth.

However, if the sweating is accompanied by high temperature, it may have to do with infection, that then needs to be assessed by a doctor then.

Expect incontinence issues

Some women might also have problems with bladder control, resulting then in urinary incontinence. It is especially common in cases where women have already experienced incontinence during pregnancy.

Moreover, women who have forceps delivery or similar complications during labor are also at risk for having urinary incontinence.  

Expect sore breasts

Even if you are not nursing your baby, expect to run into boob issues. They become hard, you might experience leakage and for those who nurse their babies, issues ranging from sore nipples to infections can be expected.

Expect tears

The fact that you just had a baby will hit you, if not immediately after birth, then few days later. The fluctuating hormones certainly do not help; the hormonal shifts after the baby also cause mood changes.

It is therefore normal to expect baby blues. You might feel overwhelmed, tired, emotional, and even feel lost. However, it is just a phase that will pass. You need to give yourself love and care during this time.

However, if the symptoms persist, then you must consult your gynecologist, as you might have postpartum depression. The symptoms of PDD include tears, blues, shame, guilt, hopelessness, fear, low self-worth, etc. These persist for a few weeks in the very least. In extreme cases, women might also have postpartum psychosis, which is a medical emergency. Hence, knowing the signs and timely getting help is crucial.

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