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What insurance policy is best for you?

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What insurance policy is best for you?

One of the most important aspects of driving is finding the right insurance policy for your car. You’ll want to make sure your chosen policy is the best possible one for you, and provides all the coverage you need at the lowest premium costs.

So, how can you achieve this?

The answer could lie in multi-car insurance, which holds many benefits if you own more than one car.

Read on, to learn what multi-car insurance is, how it works, and why it could be the ideal policy for you to take out.

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What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance is a particular type of insurance policy that enables you assign coverage to multiple cars you own – all under the one policy.

This differs from standard policies, wherein you’d need to take out a policy for each individual car to give them coverage. With multi-car insurance, the aspects of coverage are the same, except each car is managed under one policy, instead of several.

How does multi-car insurance work?

To take out a multi-car insurance policy, you need to contact your chosen provider for a quote. Once you’re confident in your provider, you can begin your policy by assigning each vehicle, customizing the exact coverage you want for each one.

The number of cars you can add to your multi-car policy may differ with each insurer, but there’s often a maximum limit of four cars – and these much each be owned by you and reside in your current state.

Once you’ve added your cars to the policy, you’ll be insured according to the coverage you’ve chosen, just as you would with any other type of insurance policy.

Why is multi-car insurance the policy best policy for you?

There are many reasons why taking out a multi-car insurance policy is the best option for you and your cars. Some of these reasons include:

  • Discounted premiums for additional cars

With standard insurance policies, you’ll receive a quote that’s suited to your car, and this is replicated for each policy you take out.

With multi-car insurance, however, you’re getting the same coverage for the same cars you own, except you’ll receive a discount by simply adding the cars to one policy, instead of individual ones.

This means you’re saving money on your insurance, just by the type of policy you take out.

  • A more efficient way to manage your coverage

Another benefit of multi-car insurance is that you have an easier way of managing your cars’ coverage, as opposed to having different policies.

With multiple policies for each car, you’d need to go through the time-consuming process of adjusting each policy if you want your cars’ coverages to change.

With one multi-car policy, this can all be handled swiftly through one provider and one policy only. As well as this, it means you only have one renewal date to remember, as opposed to having several for each policy.

  • Customizable coverage for each vehicle

If you think each car included under the same policy has to have the same coverage – think again!

As with individual policies, multi-car insurance allows you to customize the exact coverage of each car, tailoring it to its specific characteristics.

This can include, for instance, how often each car is driven, or how valuable each car is.

This way, you get the benefit of customizable coverage, without the hassle of multiple policies to manage.

Do you think you’ve found the insurance policy for you? Get in touch with your chosen provider now, to start experiencing the benefits of multi-car insurance.

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