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What Is A Dash Cam And Why Do You Need One?

by Nathan Zachary
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Dash cams are small video cameras that are mounted inside your vehicle. They record video footage of any accidents or other events that you may encounter. These cameras can help you to prove what really happened during an incident, and they can help you to receive compensation if someone is at fault for causing damage or injury.

What Is a Dash Camera?

A dashboard camera is a small, unobtrusive camera which can be mounted on your windshield or dashboard. They record while you drive, and they are incredibly useful when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud or insurance claims.

How Do Dash Cameras Work?

Dashcams are Plugged into Your Car and the Output is Electric, which then Activates Your Camera. Most likely an SD Card or Micro SD Card will be used to store the Recording. You will then Mount it to either your Dashboard or Windshield and Point Your Camera either Ahead of You or Into Your Car to Monitor What is Happening in Front of Your Vehicle

Once the SD card is full, it will begin erasing the earliest footage on it. This could be after 8 hours, up to 48, or even higher depending on the amount of memory it holds. Most modern dash cams come equipped with WiFi capability to link to an app on your smartphone where you can check out your recent footage.

Who Needs a Dash Cam?

There are many reasons why people should invest in a dash cam. Some of the most common reasons involve protection from accidents, as well as lower insurance rates. If you are considering adding dash cameras to your car, there are certain professions that could benefit from the added protection.

Rideshare Drivers

Dashcams are the perfect solution for ride-share drivers, as they provide evidence that can help catch criminals and deter false claims. A dash camera is especially important for ride-share drivers because they spend so much time on city streets and need to have a camera that is easy to install.

Car dash cams improve safety on the road by offering peace of mind and enabling you to prove your case in the event of an accident. They also help to deter potential thieves and other criminals, who are sometimes hired to target rideshare drivers. Dashcam footage can help you protect yourself from insurance fraud, bad weather conditions and other problems you may encounter as a driver. If you’re looking for a dashcam that performs well in extreme weather conditions like snow or rain, or if you have low-light situations with night driving, consider looking at our top rated GPS classes.

Delivery Drivers

We recommend a dash camera for car because it protects you by recording the entire drive and making clear what really happened. Furthermore, it can help you if you get into an accident, get stuck in a dangerous situation or if somebody else damages your vehicle. In the event that you have evidence to support your innocence in the situation, as long as you have the camera rolling.

Emergency Services

Dash Cams for cars are becoming more common in a number of ways, including for use as a backup camera and for evidence as part of police investigations. So why not add dashcams to emergency vehicles? These people are often on the scene of accidents, illnesses or other situations where EMS workers need to help. When they strike out into traffic in an attempt to get to the source of the problem, they may be putting themselves and others in danger. If we can catch the driver’s action on camera, that gives us more time to track down the licence plate (which can lead to arrest) without added risk to EMTs or children. It can also work as a CCTV camera without wifi.

Every Other Driver

While nobody may need a dashcam quite as much as the ones mentioned above, the truth is that every driver can benefit from using them. If you want to know how to drive safely, you should start by simply installing a dashcam. With video evidence, you will be able to fight driving charges more effectively, prevent theft, and keep your insurance rates low in the event of an accident.

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