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What Is a Dash Camera and Why Would You Need One?

by Nathan Zachary
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Accidents happen every day, and it’s important that you keep yourself protected. In fact, there are over 5 million vehicle accidents that take place in the US every year.

With staggering numbers like that, it’s important that we all take steps to protect ourselves. Luckily, with dash cameras, we can do that quite easily. So, what is a dash camera, and should I get one? Let’s talk about that.

What Is a Dash Camera?

Dashcam captures everything you see on your windshield or in front of you. They are used to keep a record of your driving and can help prevent accidents and other incidents on the road.

How Do Dash Cameras Work?

Use your dash camera in car to record everything that happens in front of your vehicle. The dash cam will have a memory card input, most likely an SD card or a micro SD card, to store the recording. You can mount it either on your dashboard or windshield and point your camera either into the car or ahead of you to monitor what is happening in front of your vehicle.

Many dashcams come equipped with WiFi capability to link to an app on your smartphone where you can check out your recent footage. Some dash cams will not have this capability. However, when paired to your phone, it will allow you to view all recent footage, and sometimes even footage that was deleted from the memory card. Click here for more information about Dash Cam Plus.

How Much Does a Dash Camera Cost?

A dash cam for cars is a handheld device that captures video and audio of the events of an accident. Today’s models offer a variety of features such as g-force sensor, G-sensor, and motion detection, which makes them ideal for protecting the driver and other cars involved in situations where they might not be protected by standard car insurance policies.

Is a Dash Cam Bad for My Car Battery?

No, running a dashcam does not affect your car battery at all. In fact, neither does charging your phone. That is, assuming you are driving. If your car is in the “on” position but the engine isn’t running, then yes, your dashcam will help drain your car battery faster. However, if it is driving a vehicle and supplying power to other equipment inside the vehicle please consult with us first so that we can pass this information along to our clients.

Who Needs a Dash Cam?

Whether you’re a regular commuter or an avid road warrior, a dashcam can give you peace of mind and help you ensure your safety. There are certain professions that rely on ground transportation more than others, so here are a few examples.

Rideshare Drivers

As a rideshare driver, you know how important it is to have the best dash cam on your vehicle. It can literally save your life or that of a passenger. One false claim, one misinterpretation of a situation, or one accident could ruin your entire livelihood and life. Ride safe!

A dashcam is a great way to document your rides, as well as protect against potentially risky drivers. It’s also an easy way to offer some peace of mind during your rides, as you never know who you are picking up or how another driver will behave on the road. Although you may have seen dashcam footage of Uber/Lyft rides on YouTube, both companies have strict policies against uploading videos from their rides. Also, different states have different laws regarding dashcams, with many requiring consent from the passengers.

Benefits of a Dashcam

A dash cam for car is extremely useful when it comes to preventing and solving crimes. There have been many incidents where dashcam footage has solved crimes, and certainly countless more that made people think twice about committing a crime. If you happen to be a victim or witness of this, you can help bring justice to the situation by supplying video evidence to the prosecution.


The benefits of a dashcam are very appealing; they can save you a great deal of money in the long run by preventing damage to your vehicle and catching an accident before it ever happens. The amount of money that you spend on these devices will be negligible compared to the cost of any repairs or replacement parts that may incur.

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