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What is a “General Dentist”?

by Nathan Zachary

Which doctor do you see most often? A lot of people say that their general dentist is the best. There’s a reason. Because general dentistry is uniquely focused on the prevention of diseases, there’s no other explanation. It is estimated that 65 percent of all dental procedures can be considered preventive or diagnostic. General dentists place a strong emphasis on oral health and hygiene to help patients avoid the progression or worsening of oral disease. If these conditions aren’t treated promptly, they can result in severe pain, lost time at school or work, and an estimated cost of many billions of Dollars annually.

Patients of all ages are most likely to see a general dentist for dental care. If your examination shows you have tooth decay, a filling is likely to be performed. While these procedures are very common, they’re not the only service your general dentist offers.

What Are General Dentists?

Around 80 percent, or 143,000, of the total number of dentists who practice in North America, are general practitioners. General dentists provide many vital services for your continued well-being. This is in contrast to specialists, who may be focused only on one area of dentistry.

Preventive Care: These help prevent decay from taking root in your mouth. Regular exams and professional tooth cleanings are essential to preventive medicine.

Restorative Services: If you have a dental issue, your dentist can ensure that you get the correct treatment. Most commonly and most effective, dental restoration is to remove decay from teeth and then fill the tooth with a crown. The restorative services that general dentists offer include more than just this. They can offer immediate treatment for dental trauma. General dentists can diagnose the cause of tooth pain and gum disease. They may be able to place crowns or bridgework on missing teeth and assist you in fitting dental dentures. Some may also provide advanced treatments like root canal therapy, orthodontics, or dental implants.

Cosmetic Procedures: A wide range of cosmetic treatments can be offered by general dentists. These include cosmetic bonding and porcelain crowns. If you are looking for a brighter smile, talk to your general dentist about a smile transformation.

Other Health Concerns: Your oral health is often a reflection of your overall well-being. Your oral health may be reflected in other parts of the body. If left untreated, oral infections can lead, among other things, to poorer control over diabetes, an increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease, or complications during pregnancy. General dentists can identify and refer to these issues. Obstructive sleep disorder, also known as sleep apnea or sleep paralysis, can sometimes be treated with an appliance. General dentists offer nutritional counseling and advice on smoking cessation.

When Need to See The Dentist?

The short answer is every six months for preventative services. If you feel something is not right, such as a bleeding gum or toothache, it could be that your oral health needs to be addressed. You might also be aware of a cosmetic procedure that you would like to learn more about. You can call the dentist in any case.

There is no single schedule that works for all patients when it comes to routine dental appointments. Your individual needs may dictate whether your dentist wants to see you twice per year, every three or six months, depending on what your schedule looks like. No matter the reason, it’s important to keep those appointments. You can avoid dental disease by following the recommended treatment schedule and maintaining good oral hygiene at home.

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