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What is a maritime fleet management software? Why is it important in the shipping industry?

by Nathan Zachary
Ship fleet management Software

Fleet management helps you manage and provide an overview of all fleet and asset information. In common Fleet management software is the computer based software that allows humans to do a series of particular duties in the administration of any or all parts of a fleet of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, ships, and trains) operated by a company, government, or other entity. To get the most operational insight out of your ship management data throughout your fleet, you’ll need  maritime fleet management software. Maritime fleet management software is a type of information technology (IT) that is used to manage maritime fleets. It explains how to make your fleet more efficient. The costs of documenting, exchanging, and evaluating data can all be reduced by digitizing your internal processes.

You may easily manage and control your fleet by switching from a paper-based system to a digitized all-in-one software solution. It is utilized to make ship and fleet management administrative and operational jobs easier by giving assistance in areas such as maintenance planning and control, as well as regulatory compliance management (vessel and crew, operational processes), crew management, and document management, reporting methods, critical operational data analysis, cost and process analysis. Another significant feature of maritime fleet management software is the ability to share information and synchronize data between the office and the fleet’s individual ships As a result, ensure the corresponding databases on land and at sea are kept in sync, and that staff who were all working with the same data. 

Fleet management software

 Maritime fleet management software helps you save money, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance throughout your entire fleet. To effectively manage a modern fleet, whether it consists of a few or hundreds of vessels, data smart maritime fleet management software is required. In order to enhance efficiency, minimise Opex, and remain competitive in the maritime industry, a solution based on an integrated approach can provide the knowledge required.

Management of the Marine Software is growing in importance as a tool to help organisations compete more effectively in an increasingly digitised world. Investing in fleet management software up front enables businesses to develop a preventative maintenance approach that can save them time and money in the long term.

A planned maintenance system (PMS), procurement, and QHSE solution, with all modules completely connected, is a prerequisite for developing a competent maritime fleet management software system. 

 Fleet management software implementation supports a data-driven strategy for fleet management, services for data movement and collecting from prior systems, The complete set up for fleet equipment registration, dashboard configuration for business intelligence, personnel training on a professional level. The fleet management software is easy to integrate into businesses of any size.

Functionalities of  fleet management software are:-

  • Onboard access to true browser-based ship fleet management software with offline capability.
  • Data storage and distribution capabilities centralised across your fleet’s chosen vessels.
  • A fleet management software (FMS) for ships with reliable Ship to Shore data transfer and vice versa.
  • User-friendliness to ensure that data from the crew onboard is readily accessible through the fleet management system.
  •  Ship fleet management software has interconnected modules that allow departments to share data.
  • Implementation and training were carefully planned to enable a smooth transition to the cloud-based fleet management system.
  • Fleet Management Software is supported by knowledgeable and experienced support staff who assure a smooth voyage (FMS). 

Advantages of Ship fleet management software/ GPS fleet tracking software are numerous. They include,

  • Increased trading efficiency

Ship GPS fleet tracking software can help expand the breadth of the global trade sector. Trade activities by ship will be readily recorded and monitored, managed immediately in unfavourable situations, and provided the best plan for the travel crew, with the help of a software management system.

  • Ensure that ships are safe.

A stable information transaction system will prevent maritime accidents to the greatest extent possible and improve vessel coordination. The management software can facilitate speedy communication, which will aid in the assistance of the ships in an emergency.

  • Service Reminders assist in scheduling preventative maintenance based on metre readings, time intervals, actual mileage, or engine hours in order to extend vehicle life, avoid untimely failures, and save money on maintenance. 
  • Vehicle Diagnostics in Real-Time.

The software captures data directly from each vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port, making it easier to discover problems like failing batteries and DTCs engine defects. Set your bespoke vehicle defect warnings to safeguard vehicle health and save money.

  • Maintenance Costs can be reduced

Real-time vehicle diagnostics, service reminders, preventative maintenance programmes, and paperless driver inspection help you maximise running time and cut costs. Vehicle servicing patterns and maintenance expenses can be analysed using advanced analytical reports.

  • Preventative Maintenance & Service History

Evaluate the vehicle’s inspection history and associated maintenance expenses by keeping detailed service records. To reduce operational and maintenance losses, decide which vehicle needs to be replaced ahead of time.

  • Enhanced warehouse management

The automation reduces the amount of time and resources spent on data entry by integrating with a warehouse management system or enterprise resource planning software. It can aid in supply chain visibility, freight delivery cost reduction, and better business decision-making.

  • Optimise Human resources 

A good software solution can help you handle all of your logistics with the least amount of human error. By checking every part of a package in one system, shipping and logistics management software will eliminate such issues.

  • Mariners are linked together.

With the help of marine software, not only is knowledge shared, but also significant experience. Mariners will get the opportunity to learn from their peers about preventing marine accidents, dealing with emergencies, and other topics.

Fleet management software

With these key advantages and benefits in mind, it’s clear that fleet management can assist a variety of businesses. The Ship Fleet Management system software Solution is a native web-based program that can be accessed from any device that has an internet browser, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The system can be hosted on your premises or in a private cloud like AWS, Azure, or other well-known providers because it is so versatile. Implementing a vessel cloud fleet management system saves ship fleet managers time and money by removing the difficulties and costs of setting up an IT infrastructure.

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