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What is BS IR in Pakistan?

by Nathan Zachary
BS International Relations

A Bachelor of Studies BS in International Relations at DASSS will enable students to learn IR theories and their practical applications, to help them develop a better understanding of the nature of inter-state relations and the working of major international and national institutions, and other policy-making organs.

It is the study of how states, nations, societies, and individuals interact and influence one another in the global arena. IR studies power and conflict at the international level, but it also includes the study of peace, justice, and stability. 

IR scholars often focus on economics, trade, culture, and law. Many scholars specialize in a particular region or country, for example, some focus on Latin America or Russia, while others study a specific issue such as terrorism or nuclear proliferation.


The field of IR contains many subfields and specializations that reflect its varied subject matter. These include diplomatic history; security studies; comparative politics; economics; ethics; law; gender studies; demography; geography; sociology; anthropology; philosophy; psychology; religion; human rights; development studies; environmental studies and energy security.

International Relations fascinating area:

International Relations is a fascinating area of study that focuses on the relations between different countries or nations, as well as the interactions between different actors in the international system. International Relations (IR) is an interdisciplinary field of study and research. Scholars in this field come from a variety of backgrounds and from various departments within the College and University. 

In general, IR scholars are focused on the causes of war and peace amongst states, the nature of cooperation and conflict, globalization and its consequences, the role that international institutions play in global politics, the impact of international norms and ideas on world politics, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, development and poverty issues.

Is International Relation a good degree?

An international relations degree isn’t only useful for working directly in international relations. You get a lot of transferable skills along the way that can be valuable in almost any industry, even if you never step foot out of CONUS again! You’ll walk away with at least one foreign language, for instance.

Which universities offer BS international relations in Pakistan?

The universities that offer BS international relations in Pakistan are Jinnah University for Women, The University of Faisalabad, Islamia University Bahawalpur, University of Balochistan, Lahore Garrison University, and Lahore College for Women University. Read more here!

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