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What Is Discipleship And How To Become A Disciple?

by Nathan Zachary
What Is Discipleship And How To Become A Disciple?

Before going to heaven after His resurrection, Jesus gave His followers a clear set of instructions. Both those who were present when He did so and all future followers of Jesus were meant to receive them. So he said to go and make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and instructing them to follow all that I have commanded.

Jesus is the only one with absolute authority on earth and in heaven. Jesus will constantly be referred to as “Worthy is the Lamb who was killed, to receive power and money and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!” He will be the object of every knee’s submission, the cause of every tribe on earth’s lamentation, and the target of God’s wrath.

In some communities, discipleship levels are determined by behaviors like Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, and involvement in religious activities. Although they may be helpful, do these actions define a disciple?

To learn from and stick close to Jesus Christ means to be His disciple, as we read in the Christian discipleship books. Both then and now, these requirements are essential for Christ’s followers. So they were for Christ’s disciples.

What Does Disciple Mean?

A disciple is someone who gets baptized and is ready to take on the name of the Savior and follow Him. A disciple seeks to imitate Him through obeying His commands while on earth, just as an apprentice aspires to emulate their master.

Those who follow Christ are considered disciples in the most basic sense. Jesus’ advice for becoming a disciple is to follow him wholeheartedly. We grow in the grace and understanding of Christ through the renovation of our brains. God’s grace has shown us that we have a brand-new heart, the Holy Spirit resides inside us, and this is true.

Who Are The Disciples?

A particular type of student is called a “disciple.” It is someone who follows, takes in, and models their life after the teachings of another person—in this case, Jesus—and sticks to them.

The disciples of Jesus follow the imperative instructions and are fully aware of what it is meant to follow Him. They spend three years learning from Him and studying Christian discipleship ebooks and books after sacrificing all to follow Him, experiencing incredible highs and lows while discovering what it means to follow their Lord.

Have you ever encountered someone who imagined themselves to be someone they weren’t? Have you ever met someone whose actions contradicted their professed beliefs? For example, consider someone who claims to be a genuine fan of a particular sports team but turns hostile toward them after a run of losses.

Think of a more dramatic example. It frequently happens that men who act as if they adore them will attack women. Which is accurate if one’s words and actions are at odds? Christ believed that our deeds spoke louder than our words. Consequently, we must obey His commands to follow Him.

How Can I Be A Disciple?

Making disciples requires active effort. On the contrary, it demands purposeful, strategic action. The followers of Christ were impatient for people to come and follow them. Therefore, they would have to make them themselves, indicating a thought-out and well-planned activity.

Disciple discipleship aims to become more like Jesus in your attitudes, focus, and behavior by making conscious decisions that will deepen your relationship with Him. The potential disciple must be dedicated to it, as must the disciple-makers. It cannot be completed in a six-week course or by reading only the Christian discipleship; it also cannot happen by mistake or overnight. This lifelong commitment aims to learn from others and then instruct them on how to serve God with all of their intellect, will, and physical might.

You are protected from false beliefs of God, the devil’s attempt to exclude you through your thoughts and feelings, and the culture’s always-changing ideas by the collaborative process of discipleship.

God created people to be His disciples and have a relationship with Him. You will falter and stumble on the path of faith. You’ll go through loss, pain, and sorrow. However, Jesus promised His people that they would.

Preaching and teaching have almost completely lost their impact in the modern church. Instead, Christians gathered frequently during the week to participate in the church’s educational activities, including lectures that featured open discussions of biblical truth.

While some churches hold numerous services, they frequently share the same theme. These days, many churches merely present one unique message each week. As a result, it seems less important than it once did for people to hear Scripture read aloud in public. Nevertheless, Dr. JK Jones’ fascinating spiritual formation book “A Missing Discipleship” concerning discipleship has been published.

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