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What is Server Uptime in a VPS Hosting server?

by Nathan Zachary
What is Server Uptime in a VPS Hosting server

You must select the ideal VPS server to house your website if you want to give your company the most excellent possible VPS hosting Server environment.

If you don’t conduct enough research and comparative shopping, you could face unnecessary expenses in the future or experience website downtime as a result of unsatisfactory performance. 

For this reason, picking the best VPS hosting Server provider becomes important. Since your website performance depends on the uptime ratio offered by a service provider, you must pick a VPS host that delivers a maximum rate of server uptime for its services.

This guide is aimed to help you out with all things concerning a server uptime of a VPS hosting service for your website.

What is it Mean by Server Uptime?

A server uptime can be understood as a percentage ratio of time when your web hosting server is available for functioning. Essentially, the up-and-running aspect of your website offered by a server is called the uptime ratio.  Many different elements distinguish a web hosting service from another, however, a powerful uptime ratio is one of the common factors that many users consider to separate different types of hosting services.

Having a good server uptime is necessary for someone who wants their website to remain active online all the time. When you purchase a web hosting package, you automatically pay for services that place your website on the receiving end of solutions that assist you to stay online. Server uptime is needed also for having a global presence, as it offers a service that helps you be accessible from anywhere all the time.

How Much Server Uptime is Considered Good For a VPS Hosting Server?

How Much Server Uptime is Considered Good For a VPS Hosting Server?

With different types of web hosting solutions present in the market today, you can be confused as to which one to pick that can offer great results. Also, when selecting a hosting provider, you are faced with evaluating their offered services to other individuals. 

All of these assessments can be jarring, however, we advise you should take the proper time to filter some of the crucial elements that are needed for your website. For instance, a Cheap VPS server is a great option for website owners who deal with moderate traffic, therefore you need to find a hosting provider that accommodates your needs effectively.

Having said that, good server uptime is imperative to functioning online, as it assures your online presence. Most service providers when all the other elements of a hosting setup are configured to the best standards can offer 99.90% of uptime. This value is assumed to be the most acceptable percentage for online services.

Reasons For Having Downtime in a VPS Hosting Server

Reasons For Having Downtime in a VPS Hosting Server

Having weak or inadequate security standards

VPS servers, much like all the other web hosting servers are heavily dependent on the security of the hosting platform to function optimally. When you have a weak security protocol in your hosting environment, you are more exposed to cyber criminals for attacks and threats. Therefore, most online attacks could lead to high downtime on your web hosting server.

Insufficient level of expertise

Managing and handling a server is ought to require some level of technical knowledge. Sometimes when you are inexperienced or not equipped to handle some of the complex components of a VPS server, there can be room for human error. With this issue, your website can face downtime that is avoidable if your service provider offers you highly expert guidance.

Not having up-to-date software and apps

All website owners while using a service such VPS hosting Server have the ability and control to install software that they need for better operation. However, often such software and apps can create problems for your website if they are not updated at regular intervals. Having an old version of go software can lead to more security risks and expose you to hackers looking to attack your website in any capacity. In some cases, your website can experience downtime if your installed applications require updated versions to run.

Connection issues

Your service provider must offer great internet connections for your web hosting service. Most of the time, you can not foresee when something is going to malfunction or collapse. Since all data centers have equipment and power sources that are susceptible to damage, your website downtime can increase if these services lack adequate energy sources to supply enough bandwidth.

Heavy traffic

Well, it sounds good to have large visitor volumes on your website, however on a VPS server often these numbers bring a heavy load that needs to be handled immediately. Sometimes if not given sufficient resources to manage these numbers, your website can get crashed suddenly without warnings.

Are VPS Hosting Servers Comes With a Good Uptime?

Uptime, as well as performance, is two of the most important variables to take into account when you are looking for a reliable service provider.

The probability of potential customers reaching your website will increase when your KVM VPS has a high uptime ratio. The best VPS server is significantly more dependable in terms of availability due to its isolated environment, which is why most small to mid-sized business owners prefer its services. 

This essential isolated atmosphere is created by using virtualization technologies by service providers, they create a barrier between the virtual machines and the infrastructure, the, in turn, creates multiple VPSs. 

Besides, with a Cheap VPS hosting setup you get to have secured resources and a unique IP, hence you won’t need to worry about other businesses interfering with your site’s performance. This benefit results in great uptime and high availability of service online. It becomes crucial to pick a suitable VPS service provider with a strong uptime services history, as the performance of the server can also have an impact on your website.

How to Select a VPS Hosting Provider with High Uptime?

How to Select a VPS Hosting Provider with High Uptime?

A hosting service that is regularly unavailable is a clear indicator of bad service from the hosting provider That is why, if you want to distinguish a good hosting provider from a bad one, you must pay attention to their offered uptime ratios. There are countless hosting providers who provide high availability guarantees. This assurance typically correlates with the monthly fee you pay for the hosting service. 

A reliable VPS hosting Provider must offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee at a reasonable cost, however, sometimes a service provider can demand a high price for providing high uptime percentages, in such cases, we suggest you should look for its consistency with other clients. When you are deciding to pick a service provider for VPS hosting service, you have to check for its security measure, bandwidth service, and uptime percentage to evaluate the quality of service offered.


Having a great uptime value on your web hosting is proven to be quite beneficial when you want a high position on search engine rankings or want to deliver a positive user experience to your customers. When your site receives a great percentage of uptime, it can be assumed that your service provider is offering the best possible service on your purchased plan. 

We recommend you explore more about Managed VPS hosting Server setup to obtain a high uptime ratio for your web hosting solution. With an isolated environment and assured resources, this service manages to deliver perfect results and high availability all the time.

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