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What is the best gimbal for Nikon Z6?

by Nathan Zachary

A gimbal is a device that allows your camera to rotate as slowly as possible around an axis.

The Nikon Z6 is a 2018 launch from the Nikon company, and it’s a fantastic camera for photos and videos!

Although this camera has built-in image compression, you still need a gimbal to be perfect, so I bring you the best gimbal for Nikon Z6. Read for more information
Best Gimbal for Nikon Z6 & Z6II

Best Gimbal for Nikon Z6

DJI Ronin-SC  Best value for money

DJI is a well-known company when it comes to drones and action cameras. Well, DJI is also a great company, even for gimbals! This gimbal from DJI is a great tool that can be used with many different cameras from different brands!

With this gimbal’s size, it measures 14.57 x 13.39 x 3.94 inches and weighs 2.43 pounds. Made with strong materials such as magnesium and aluminum, the gimbal is durable and can be used for many years. Although this gimbal is compatible with most cameras, it can still hold cameras weighing more than 6.8 pounds!

This gimbal works 360 degrees, and the stability of your video with this gimbal is more than good! It’s awesome when you use it and easy at the same time! As soon as you pick up this DJI gimbal, you’ll notice that it includes a non-slip material, so that the photos on your Nikon Z6 camera can be displayed in the best possible way, and also, it can be rotated 360 degrees!

DJI RSC 2 – Better battery life

Here is another gimbal, from the same company as the first one, DJI! As mentioned above it has amazing gimbals, we can’t resist calling again! Let’s see more details about this! Compatible with most cameras!

The dimensions of this gimbal measured 13 x 10.8 x 4 inches and weighed 2.65 pounds. The remarkable thing about its design is that it can be folded! This makes it one of the largest handheld gimbals ever used. The power of this gimbal is that it can work with cameras weighing up to 9 kilograms!

You can rotate the gimbal 360 degrees and it perfectly captures every situation of the environment you are in! The unique feature of this gimbal is that there is a builtin screen that is only one inch in size, and with it, you can control settings and functions.

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