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What is the difference between Kali and Debian?

by Nathan Zachary
What is the difference between Kali and Debian?

What is the difference between Kali and Debian?

we were able to express the issues in which the Kali distribution policy was defined in relation to the distributions of our classmates such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc. The benefits of Kali as a professional platform for penetration testing and security monitoring are a strength that network security enthusiasts can count on. In the second part of the topic of Kali, we intend to briefly explain the differences between the distribution of Kali and Debian. In this series of topics, such as wireless hacking, in order to better understand the concepts, we try to provide you with sections in short and separate sections. Stay with us:

Differences between Kali Linux and Debian

Kali Linux is professionally designed for intrusion testing and security monitoring. For example, several changes have been implemented in the Kali Linux kernel that reflects the following needs:

  • Access is only possible through one root user: By security, Kali Linux is designed to be accessible only through a single root user.
  • Network services are disabled by default: Kali Linux includes functions from SysVinit that disable network services by default. These functions allow us to install various services on Linux Kali. Once we are sure of the security of our (Kali) distribution, it no longer matters what packages we install. Other services such as Bluetooth in this distribution (Kali) are blacklisted by default.

Note: SysVinit packages include groups of processes that control the very basic functions of the system.

  • Custom Linux kernel: Kali Linux injects wirelessly using an upstream kernel.

Is Kali Linux right for you?

According to the developers of Linux distributions, Kali is suitable for those who professionally perform intrusion testing and security monitoring, and in contrast, for those who are not familiar with Linux, it is not recommended at all. On the network, especially if it is unauthorized, it can cause unintentional damage and have significant consequences.

  • Tip: If you are looking for a distribution through which to learn the basics of Linux and need a good platform to get started, Linux Kali is not the ideal distribution for you. It is better to use Ubuntu or Debian for this purpose.

Well, friends, after learning the differences between Kali and other distributions, in the next section, it is time to install Kali. In the next section, we will get acquainted with different types of Kali installation modes. So join us.

Kali Linux Tutorial Part 3: Install Kali Linux In VMware Player

In this section, we intend to prepare the ground for the implementation of different scenarios with the aim of achieving different penetration tests. Therefore, we continue the previous discussions with a gentle slope. In this section and the next few sections, we plan to configure Kali Linux, Windows 7, and Metasploitable2 as virtual machines using VMWare Player on the host machine.

Performing the following scenarios using virtual machine configuration makes it very easy to learn and perform penetration testing using Kali. Virtual machines allow us to run multiple operating systems on a single physical system, and the most obvious benefit is that we no longer need to fill our rooms with computers to perform different scenarios. In this case, we only need a powerful system that can run multiple virtual machines at the same time.

The system used in the proposed scenarios has Windows 7, Core i5 platform, and 8 GB of RAM. With these specifications, there is the necessary power to run all three systems and there will be no problems. If you are experienced in using virtual systems, you can use any similar virtualization software you want instead of VMWare Player, but in this series, we use VMWare Player as the host software, and Kali, Windows 7, And Metasploitable2 will run virtual machines running under this software.

  • Note: Metasploitable2 is a virtual machine that is intentionally designed to perform vulnerabilities for hacking, penetration testing, and other public uses. Unlike other vulnerable virtual machines, Metasploitable2 focuses more on vulnerable applications. It is based on vulnerabilities in the operating system and network services layer.

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