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What Is The Future Scope After Doing Selenium Training In Ahmedabad?

by Nathan Zachary
Selenium Training In Ahmedabad

The Demand for Software Testing

The process of developing software must include selenium testing. It checks if the programme operates as intended and is capable of handling input and user interactions. It is employed to check the efficiency of a website. In India, the number of selenium testers has considerably expanded in recent years, rising from 12,000 to over 17,000 between 2014 and 2017. A total of 8% of all employment will be available to selenium testers in India in 2021, as their demand is expected to increase by 18% annually. The demand for websites and mobile apps that need to be tested on various browsers and devices has increased, which is one of the primary causes of this rise in demand for automated testing software.

Selenium is a framework for test automation. It aids software testers in their testing of web applications. Over the past several years, as more and more businesses seek to hire testers with Selenium knowledge, the need for Selenium training in Ahmedabad has grown. The most noteworthy fact regarding Selenium training is that there are more than a thousand training facilities across the nation that provide these courses.

What is Selenium Testing?

Browser testing is automated via the open-source programme Selenium. It is applicable for testing a website’s or web application’s features. It is a group of tools that may be used to evaluate a website’s or online application’s functionality. Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Python, and Selenium are all used to write the tests. Then, using Selenium’s driver (an executable file) to manage the browser, the tests are executed against a specific website.

Due to its accessibility compared to competing commercial solutions like HP UFT or IBM Rational Functional Tester, Selenium has grown in popularity.

Importance of Selenium Testing

Selenium is a technology that may be used to automate testing on web browsers. To test their applications on many browsers, developers and testers use it.

  • when a wide variety of browsers need to be tested on.
  • for the aim of testing the programme in a real-world setting during development.
  • to find problems that might only exist in particular browsers or browser versions.

Compared to other testing frameworks, Selenium has a number of benefits. It has a sizable development community that contributes to the project and is free and open-source. The most well-known open-source web application testing framework is this one. Even though Selenium tests can be written in any language, the majority are written in Java, C#, Python, or Perl. It is also cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, making it simple to construct tests that function on many operating systems and browsers without having to write separate tests for each combination. Numerous other benefits of using Selenium for developers include:

  • It is compatible with Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
  • Support for several browsers is offered (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • It provides various test options that can be run automatically (e.g., keyboard input)
  • It’s simple to write automation scripts.

Job Opportunities

  1. Software Test Engineer

Test design and implementation are under the purview of the position of software test engineer. Additionally, it is their responsibility to test the software programme to ensure that it performs as intended. The automotive, healthcare, educational, and financial sectors are all home to software test engineers. The position can be performed in a variety of settings, including internal and external teams as well as teams that are based overseas.

  1. Software Tester

A person who tests computer software’s functionality is known as a software tester. They typically work with other testers in teams and are employed by the software production business. Software testers automate their tests, which may be time-consuming and laborious, using tools like Selenium. Additionally, it is used to test mobile and online applications.

  1. Quality Assurance

A approach to make sure that a product satisfies the company’s quality standards is through quality assurance. Additionally, it serves as a tool to confirm that the product complies with all specifications and regulations. This can be achieved through testing, but in some circumstances quality assurance may also be accomplished through the use of automated tools like Selenium. Selenium is a web application testing tool that automates browsers and is available as open-source software. It may be used for both manual and automated testing.

  1. Application Tester

Software development includes testing as a crucial step. It aids in ensuring that the application functions as intended and can be a crucial step in the software development process. An application tester develops automated tests to make sure an application satisfies its specifications and operates as intended. They might design and run tests using programmes like Selenium IDE or Selenium WebDriver.

Salary Range of Selenium Testers in India

Web application testing can be automated with the Selenium framework, which is used by developers and software testers. It is an effective tool that can be used to evaluate functionality, look for mistakes, and keep track of performance.


With wages ranging from 4.3 lakhs to 16.6 lakhs, the average annual salary for a Selenium Automation Tester in India is 7.6 lakhs. The income of a Selenium Automation Tester in India ranges from 4.3 lakhs to 16.6 lakhs, with an average monthly salary of 7.6 lakhs, depending on experience, which can range from less than two years to eight years.

How to Learn Selenium Testing?

An online automation tool called Selenium is useful for testing a web application’s features. It ranks among the most widely used tools for testing web applications. The automated process of determining whether a website or app is functional is carried out using the open-source technology Selenium. In consideration of your choices, consider the following options:

  • engaging in online education
  • reading books on the subject
  • participating in live training

It is possible to find tutorials for using this programme on several websites. The advantage of these lessons is that they can be found on websites like YouTube and others that provide free courses on a variety of subjects, including management, programming, and other subjects.

Where to Learn Software Testing?

The greatest Selenium training in Ahmedabad is available at TOPS Technologies, a prestigious institution in Gujarat, and they also give 100% placement aid. Students will be equipped for the constantly evolving technology world thanks to the course’s design. The institute also offers software testing and UX/UI training.

The programming languages and technologies that are employed in the testing industry must be thoroughly understood. You may improve the frameworks and scripts for your product’s test automation by using this expertise. Students, recent graduates, or anybody else interested in a career in this industry have a fantastic opportunity to learn.

Is SeleniumTesting a good career?

The ability set required for selenium testing is flexible and in demand. It is one of the rare abilities that can be used in a range of businesses and is in high demand. Selenium testing is a vital component of software development, making it a constantly in-demand skill. However, it also has a wide range of uses in other fields, including QA, marketing, finance, and other areas.


One of the most crucial elements of software development is selenium testing. It aids in the discovery of bugs and other application flaws.

The demand for selenium testing in India will only grow as businesses realise how important it is to automate their procedures. This will dramatically lower costs while also increasing production.

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