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What Is The Right Time To Protect Our Intellectual Property In Dubai?

by Nathan Zachary
Intellectual Property Dubai

Small and medium-sized businesses that choose to safeguard their intellectual property Dubai (IP) do so to avoid having their technology or services duplicated. Companies who have succeeded to register any form of IP right report a good result from using their IP. Many entrepreneurs or CEOs fail to ensure the possibility of acquiring protection for their creative goods or services as soon as possible.

When is it appropriate to defend our intellectual property?

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your intellectual property, as well as the key goods and services of your company that must be secured.

Inventions, concepts, and prototypes

An innovation must meet three major criteria before it can be patented: it must be industrially relevant, innovative, and new worldwide (not just in your country).

In the end, the invention’s characteristics, the technology’s state of development, our overall business plan, and the industry in which we work all influence when to file a patent application. In the end, it all boils down to how well our intellectual property strategy works.

Branding, logos, branding, and symbols

There are no novelty criteria when it comes to trademarks. However, additional characteristics, including descriptiveness, duration on the market, distinctiveness, and territorial constraints, are scrutinized by Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs). All of these are important considerations when deciding whether to file a trademark application. The size of the company and its capacity to fund trademark protection are frequently related to trademark protection and the time it takes to file.

What do business setup consultants in Dubai think of your product design?

Along with other requirements that may be found on each official website of the Intellectual Property Office, uniqueness (globally) is a requirement for designs. A registered design only safeguards the product’s aesthetic appeal; it has no bearing on its usability. The so-called “grace period” is a significant deviation from the standard registration timetable for Designs. 

Essentially, this implies that as long as your design application is submitted within a year, you may “test your product on the market” and still pass the novelty criteria. You should talk to your trademark and design professional about these options before taking any further action.

Works are the outcome of the intellectual mind

Copyrighted works, such as business plans, slides, presentations, software code, and other categories that fall under the (legal) umbrella of copyrights, do not need to be registered because they are protected under national law. However, there is a potential of increasing protection by exerting some effort to boost the degree of protection for Copyrights above and beyond the national statutory measures.


Ask your business setup consultants in Dubai, if you already have them working with you, to assist you in planning and setting up an internal training session. “When is the optimum moment to safeguard our intellectual property?” is a question that everyone must ask themselves. It depends on a variety of factors such as whether the firm delivers services or goods (or a combination of both), the duration and scope of the company, and so on.

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