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What is the Size and Difference between Earth and Moon?

by Nathan Zachary
चाँद धरती से कितना दूर है

I rented a bike and spent five days pedalling along Virginia’s Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Pleasant landscapes with hills, valleys, and vistas. rode for more than 250 miles (around 500 kilometres). So that we can get a feel for the scope of things, let’s take some measurements of our solar system using the distance we’ve travelled on our bikes so far as a reference point.

We’ll refer to this as “one bicycle unit” and 500 kilometres as the distance travelled.

The Earth is a very big planet.चाँद धरती से कितना दूर है  Diameter (as measured in a radial direction through the Earth) is roughly 25 bicycle units. If I rode my bike through the Earth, I’d be there in roughly 25 weeks. I’d rather not, but it does show how big our planet is.

It’s time we started looking at the moon instead than the ground. At around the size of 7 bicycle units, the Moon’s diameter is about one-fourth that of Earth. At its farthest point from Earth, the Moon is 750 bicycle units away, or about 30 Earth-diameters. I estimate that it would take me well over 14 years to ride my bicycle to the Moon and back.

Isn’t the Sun a factor? In its orbit around the Sun, Earth travels a tremendous distance—300,000 cycling units. Excruciatingly remote! If you wanted to ride your bicycle all the way to the sun, you would need to set aside 5,770 years.

The diameter of the Sun is an astounding 2,784 bicycle units. To ride my bike around the sun once, from one side to the other, would take me 53 years.

The magnitude of our neighbourhood solar system is better appreciated in light of all these figures. Look at this intriguing thing that I found, Chand dharti se kitna dur hai .. As seen from Earth, the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size despite the vast disparities in their actual sizes, the Earth, Moon, and Sun. When the Moon completely blocks out the Sun’s disc during an eclipse, we can get a good look into the Sun’s atmosphere, or corona, and learn more about its physics and chemistry.

There are others who argue that the staggeringly beautiful proportions and spacing we see around us are really the result of chance. Others argue that it provides sufficient proof that an intelligent designer arranged the planets so that we might observe the eclipse and reflect on our small place in the cosmos. Is it all just a coincidence, or does God exist? Your thoughts?

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