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What Is The Working Mechanism Of Run-Flat Tyres? A Guide!

by Nathan Zachary
Run-Flat Tyres

The process of replacing a flat tyre, hurriedly looking for a nearby tyre shop, and crossing your fingers that you don’t experience a rupture on the route is never great. With standard tyres, even a tiny nail or other foreign particles on the roadway might cause all of this to happen.

RFTs or run-flat tyres, on the other side, completely alter the game. The very next occasion your car needs new tyres, though, you just may choose conventional tyres. Only if you don’t have much knowledge of Run-Flat tyres and the way they function! Read out our comparison of Run-Flat tyres and ordinary or regular tyres prior to deciding on a fresh pair of tyres. We are here to help you make the best choice possible on Car Tyres Wolverhampton.


 Run-Flat tyres have the aim to support your travel farther and for longer following a tyre rupture. A self-supporting sidewalls liner lets a Run-Flat tyre keep shape after a rupture, enabling you to travel up to 50 miles at 50 MPH. This could make a huge difference in bringing you to the nearest tyre repair facility!

Regular tyres are more likely to leak pressure all along the road. A result of the temperature that accumulates while the tyre rotates, keeping you stuck after a rupture. After a rupture, you can travel further on Run-Flat tyres. Because, they contain fanning fins on the sidewalls that assist to prevent overheating.

Run-Flat tyres are additionally created specifically to function with your car wheels and remain linked even when there is no inflating pressure level.

You must be aware that if you have conventional tyres, you must never travel on a flat tyre. Because you run the danger of irreversibly destroying one or more of the wheels because the tyre is unable to hold the vehicle’s weight. If a tyre is partially or fully flat, either use the emergency spare tyre that came with your car to replace it. Or, you can call for a breakdown cover to bring you to the closest Continental Tyres Wolverhampton repair facility.

Are run-flat tyres preferable to standard tyres?

Which is superior between Run-Flat tyres and regular tyres? It’s vital to keep in mind that you can outfit your vehicle with RFT tyres without sacrificing the advantages of traditional tyres while deciding between RFT and non-RFT.

Run-flat tyres come in a variety of styles and frequently add an added layer of protection and safety that regular tyres might not always give.

Starting off, a set of standard tyres can provide hundreds of thousands of kilometres of security, convenience, dependability, and increased fuel economy. All-season tyres deliver outstanding grip and control year-round and excel in rainy, dry, and snow situations. Owing to their better rubber formulations, tread designs, and other factors, summertime and winter tyres thrive in their respective seasons.

However, selecting Run-Flat tyres does not require forgoing all of these advantages. With the additional reward of our Run-Flat innovation, our RFTs are there with the same advantages as our non-RF tyres!

Performance comparison of run-flat and regular tyres

Run-Flat tyres are made to perform just as well as regular tyres in terms of overall efficiency. Similar to high-end non-RF tyres, they are made to provide you with a silent, smooth ride as well as the best possible control and grip in damp, snowy, and, dry situations.

RUN-FLAT TYRES: Could They Still Get A Puncture?

After a certain level of damage, Run-Flat tyres might go flat. The Run-Flat innovation within the tyre, though, makes it possible for the tyre to be of use continuously for approximately 50 miles at a top speed of 50 mph. Yet, travelling on a flat traditional tyre can result in a blowout, which a Run-Flat tyre is to prevent.

Can We Repair Run-flat Tyres?

Run-flat tyres are fixable under specific circumstances. Never fix an RFT if the tyre has a function history at 15 psi or less. This owes to the feature of the Run-Flat mechanism. The stiffness and architecture that provides the Run-Flat tyre its longevity can be under harm by operating it at this low-pressure level.

Based on the degree of the damages done by the rupture, you may be able to fix or cover an RFT.

The recommended course of action is to regularly check your car’s TPMS system. Carefully inspect the tyres, and physically examine every tyre’s pressure level. Do it whenever you have a suspicion that it may be low. A Run-Flat tyre’s likelihood of being under repair increases if the puncture comes up before use.

It’s crucial to get new Run-Flat or regular tyres for all four tyres if a Run-Flat tyre is not repairable. It’s advisable to never use Run-Flat and regular tyres at the same time.

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