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What is TurboTax Error Code 36 & How to Fix?

by Nathan Zachary
What is TurboTax Error Code 36 & How to Fix

Tax filing is one of the essential tasks financially for the betterment of your ongoing financial processes. The most popular tax-filing software in the United States is Turbo Tax software. However, the TurboTax Error 36 has been a common problem for most people.

TurboTax error code 36 is a run-time error. There are multiple reasons behind the troubleshooting; however, installation failure on your operating system, Mac, or Windows, is the most common.

In this blog, you will learn various causes behind the error and also the different ways to resolve the issue.

Reasons behind TurboTax Error Code 36:

As explained before, the main reason behind the error code 36 in the TurboTax software is its installation failure. However, the other reasons include the following:

  • The software may have crashed on your PC.
  • You may have abruptly installed or deleted software.
  • You may have shut down your system improperly, which may have caused the issue.
  • You may have some corrupted system files.
  • Another possibility is that your system cannot access or read the files from the TurboTax CD.

How to fix TurboTax Error Code 36?

There are various methods to fix error code 36 for the TurboTax Software. Before you learn to delete TurboTax Account, try out the forms below and successfully improve the software.

For Windows:

The various methods to fix Turbo Tax software errors for Windows users are:

  • You must end any running processes in your systems Task Manager.
  • You must update or reinstall the TurboTax Software.
  • You must update your Antivirus software as it can meddle with the TurboTax Software.
  • You must also reinstall the Runtime Libraries.
  • You must run a Disk Cleanup for assurance.
  • You must reinstall your Graphic Driver.
  • You can also reset your web browser.
  • You must disable script debugging.
  • You must restore your Windows Registry.
  • You must also run a malware scan to ensure everything is fine.
  • Finally, you can restore your system to fix the error code 36.

For Mac Users:

If you are a Mac user, the following are steps to fix the error code 36.

  • You must initially run a disk application to test the significant problems in your system.
  • You must ensure that your Mac operating system is updated and has the latest version.
  • Your PC should have enough disk space. You can follow the below steps to ensure optimum disk space:
  • You must click on the “Apple” menu.
  • You must click on the “Mac” option.
  • You must click on the “More info” option.
  • You must switch to the “Storage” tab.
  • Next, you must check your hard drive storage.
  • You will learn about the space in your disk after following the above steps. You can analyze now and free up your disk space accordingly to fix the error code 36 with TurboTax software.

The above methods to fix the error code 36 will bring your TurboTax software to a healthy working condition, after which you may wonder, how do I speak to a live person at TurboTax?

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