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What Options Are Available to Finance Surrogacy?

by Nathan Zachary

After learning about the cost of surrogacy including related surrogate mother cost obligations, it’s common to wonder how to pay for it all. Surrogacy includes medical and legal services provided by different people, which is why the process can be expensive. Intended parents may not have the funds to cover the process, which is why some shy away from it. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged as many financing options are available to finance your surrogacy, including the following:


Many intended parents use loans to finance their surrogacy. This may include applying for a loan through organizations that provide funding for surrogacy. Other loan options can include applying for a line of credit, credit cards, and using the equity in your home (home equity loan or line of credit). Some borrow from their 401k plans. Getting a loan from family or friends is another option to help offset costs. Other financing options include fertility financing loans through specialized agencies and financing programs provided by surrogacy agencies with fee scheduling options.


Some organizations provide grants for surrogacy. It is essential to do thorough research to learn about legitimate organizations and what grants they offer. Grants are popular for surrogacy financing because you don’t repay them. Organizations that support surrogacy understand the process is expensive. These organizations provide funding for related surrogate mother pay obligations, fertility treatments, procedure costs, and more. Some grants awarded can be upwards of $10,000. Organizations providing these grants rely on donations from the public, so it helps to spread the word to others to encourage people to donate toward causes related to infertility and surrogacy.


Fundraisers let you get creative with ways to raise money, and it’s another way to include others that want to help you achieve your surrogacy goals. A way to raise money toward related surrogate mother pay obligations is to start a surrogacy fund. You can host it online or have special events people can attend in person. When fundraising online, consider crowdfunding platforms that support fundraising for surrogacy. Some platforms let intended parents raise funds without deadlines or fees.

Ask for contributions from people you know. They can donate instead of giving you birthday or Christmas gifts. Sell items online through online marketplaces. You can sell items of value, things in good condition you no longer use or make something others find helpful. Host events like car washes, game tournaments, or silent auctions with proceeds going toward a fund.

Additional Tips

Determining how to finance your surrogacy can take time and patience. It takes discipline and energy to get the funds necessary for related costs. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to save money while applying for loans and grants and organizing fundraisers. Start by making changes to your budget so you can repay loans. Look into your medical insurance and learn what costs can be covered.

Research professional surrogacy services and assess their program fees. They play an essential role in helping you understand related surrogate mother cost obligations. Save toward surrogacy costs with a designated savings account. Ask for advice and tips through online forums and support groups for surrogates and intended parents.

Conducting detailed research and planning is essential to determining the best course of action for financing your surrogacy. Understanding your options gets you closer to achieving your surrogacy goals.

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