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What Should You Consider For Your Mailer Boxes?

by Nathan Zachary
Mailer Boxes

When planning your mailer boxes, there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the artwork. If you have a product that you’d like to promote, you can use a customized print to promote it. Alternatively, you can use offset lithography.


When you’re ready to start using eco-friendly mailer boxes, consider choosing Customboxesdesign. These boxes are self-sealing and have static-free tear-away strips. You can even add notecards, stickers, and protective wrap. The possibilities are endless with this material.

Customboxesdesign’s corrugated boxes are eco-friendly and stylish. They’re made from 95% post-consumer waste and are available in countless configurations. You can even get them custom-cut to fit your products, which means you can lower shipping costs. They come in eight different styles and are made of recycled paperboard or corrugated sheets.

You’ll be able to save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Customboxesdesign shipping boxes are made with 95% recycled material and no trees were harmed in the manufacturing process. These eco-friendly mailers are ideal for sending bulky, heavy or delicate items. They are also easy to recycle.

Customboxesdesign’s water-activated tape (WAT) is stronger than traditional PST, but does require a special dispenser. The downfall is that WAT is more expensive per foot than PST. However, this is offset by the lower upfront cost of WAT. Aside from being stronger, WAT is also tamper-evident and resistant to all types of weather.

The average return rate for custom mailer boxes is four cycles, so you’ll need to send them back to your customers at least twice. However, if you want to achieve a high return rate, you’ll need to send back a higher percentage of the mailers. The good news is that it is possible to achieve a lower rate of send back than seven4% – so long as you’re able to structure your return process in a way that reduces the chance of a high loss rate.

Offset lithography

Offset lithography is a method for printing on a variety of substrates. The process uses an ink-covered plate that is developed and mounted onto a cylinder. The image area of the plate accepts ink from an ink roller while non-image areas repel the ink. Once the image is developed, the plates are passed to the blanket cylinder, which then transfers the image to the paper or other surface.

The process of offset printing began in 1798 in Munich. Alois Senefelder created a process to reproduce images on metal plates using a fountain solution and stone. The first prints were difficult and took some time to make. Today, offset lithography is widely used for printing on a wide range of media, including mailer boxes and other items.

Offset lithography is an excellent choice for print jobs on mailer boxes because it produces high-quality results. The inks used in offset printing are vibrant and long-lasting. Even when handled frequently, they won’t fade. The process starts with creating a plate, which can done manually or digitally. The plate is then coated with a photopolymer, a light-sensitive chemical.

Another advantage of offset lithography is that it is a more versatile printing technique. Offset lithography allows the printing of a wider range of colors, while digital printing only allows for a narrower color spectrum. If you are not printing a large volume of mailer boxes, offset printing will give you better results with lower costs per unit.

Flexo printing is another option for mailer boxes. While flexo printing is cheaper and easier to do, it requires the use of a printing plate, which can be expensive. Digital printing, on the other hand, allows for subtle changes in your print and is faster than offset or flexo printing.

Offset printing is a cost-efficient choice for packaging runs of 500 pieces or more. Offset prints have the highest quality and are scalable. However, if you have a small quantity of mailings, you may want to consider digital printing instead.

UV Coating

UV coating is a great way to improve the visual appeal of mailer boxes. It adds an extra layer of protection for photos and logos, and it also resists marking and smearing. Plus, because it dries immediately, UV coating is an environmentally-friendly option. However, this process is not compatible with metallic inks and can increase the weight of paper.

It provides a higher degree of protection and abrasion resistance compared to water-based paints. It also dries quickly, which improves the manufacturing process and helps shorten lead times. However, UV coating is subject to some risk of chemical combustion, so the process must done carefully to ensure it does not cause damage to the output.

UV coating is ideal for mailer boxes with glossy or matte finishes. Depending on the UV intensity, the process can create different effects. Some companies flood coat the entire carton, while others spot coat certain parts. For instance, they may spot coat the product title, company name, printed logos, and other images to create a unique effect.

Another type of UV coating is aqueous coating. This type of coating uses water-based materials and contains about 30% water. This type of coating also doesn’t cause any VOC emissions, and it dries in a matter of seconds. Another method is spot UV printing, which uses a liquid compound to print specific areas of a mailer box. https://www.customboxesdesign.com/product/custom-mailer-boxes/

Compared to aqueous coating, UV coating is more durable. However, it isn’t as resistant as a direct plastic laminate. As a result, it is important to avoid UV coating in areas where the printing will be visible. UV coating can also make images and logos look more vivid and striking. However, this process does require additional preparation. It is important to understand the disadvantages of UV coating before applying this method to mailer boxes.

While UV coating is an effective technique for mailer boxes, it is not a suitable option for every type of packaging. This method is best suite for thicker, rigid boxes, and corrugated packaging. It is also suitable for luxury packaging, as the UV coating process gives boxes a more sophisticated and unique look. Many businesses are now applying this technique to their branded rigid boxes.

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Adding artwork to your mailer boxes can enhance the design and appearance of your products. This adds an element of class and a feeling of exclusivity to your products. It can also reflect your personality and your brand’s mood. For example, if your brand is young and carefree, you can use bright, colorful art to represent your products. In addition, the right artwork can illustrate the function and purpose of your products.

Custom mailer boxes often made from recycled materials and can decorated with patterns and colorful designs. Some companies use their own artwork while others use artwork selected by others. The artwork used on your mailer boxes can be a unique design or phrase, or it can even feature a silhouette of a building.

While it might not be necessary to purchase a custom design for your mailer boxes, it can help you to create a memorable brand. Custom mailer boxes are an excellent way to promote your business. They make great giveaways and promotional gifts. Moreover, they are durable and designed to hold several items at once. They can also easily put up. Visit Link

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