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What to avoid when Designing a website for your Business

by Nathan Zachary

Designing a website for your business can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a web designer. However, there are some common pitfalls that you can avoid if you plan ahead and design carefully. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the most common mistakes businesses make when designing their websites. By avoiding these mistakes which were drawn out by a web design company in Michigan, So you can create a website that’s both stylish and effective. So let’s get started!

Don’t Use Stock Images

When designing your website, avoid using stock images. While stock images can be tempting because they are often free or low-cost, they can make your website look unprofessional. Additionally, many people can recognize stock images, which can make your website seem like it was not carefully designed. If you must use images, be sure to choose high-quality ones that are relevant to your business.

Don’t Use Flash

Another design element to avoid is flash. Flash is a software program that allows designers to create animations and other interactive elements. While flash can be used to create some stunning effects, it can also make a website seem dated and cause it to load slowly. Additionally, flash is not compatible with all web browsers, which means that some visitors may not be able to see your website correctly if you use it.

Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

When choosing fonts for your website, stick to two or three at most. Using too many fonts can make your website look chaotic and can be difficult for visitors to read. When selecting fonts, be sure to choose ones that are easy to read and that complement each other well.

Don’t Use Complex Layouts

Your website’s layout should be simple and easy to navigate. Avoid using complex layouts with multiple levels of navigation as this can be confusing for visitors. Stick to a layout that is easy to understand and that uses standard web conventions such as a header, footer, and sidebar.

Don’t Use Clutter

When designing a website for your business, it is important to avoid using too much clutter. Clutter on a website can make it difficult for users to find the content that they are looking for and can make a website appear unprofessional. When adding content to your website, be sure to only include information that is relevant and necessary.

Don’t Use Auto-Playing Videos or Music

Auto-playing videos or music can be annoying for visitors and will likely cause them to leave your website quickly. If you want to include videos or music on your website, allow visitors to choose whether or not they want to play them.

Don’t Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are another element that should be avoided when designing a website. Pop-ups are often used by advertisers, but they can be very intrusive and annoying for visitors. Additionally, many web browsers now have pop-up blockers installed, which means that your pop-ups may never even be seen by some visitors.

Don’t Use Intrusive Ads

Intrusive ads are another element that should be avoided when designing a website for your business. Intrusive ads are those that are large or in-your-face, and they can be extremely distracting and annoying to visitors. In addition, intrusive ads can make your site look unprofessional and may cause visitors to leave your site immediately.

Don’t Use Bright Colors

When designing a website, it is important to avoid using bright colors as they can be difficult for users to read. Bright colors can also be overwhelming and can cause users to leave a website without ever seeing the content that they were looking for.


If you’re redesigning your website or creating a new one for your business, make sure to avoid these common pitfalls. A well-designed website is a key to attracting and keeping customers, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. With these tips in mind, you can create a website that will help your business succeed.

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