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What You Need to Know About Gan 13

by Nathan Zachary
Gan 13

GAN 13 has been a popular product for a while now. Many people have had great experiences with the product, and the company has kept making improvements to the product and making sure that its users are satisfied with the new version. Now, there is a lot more information that you can find about the product, and you will know exactly what you are getting before you buy it.

GAN 251 M

The GAN 251 M is the latest incarnation of this classic 2×2 cube. It’s a lighter, smoother and more stable version of its predecessor. The GES v3 system is still present, but the newer versions boast a more sophisticated magnetic system.

It’s the first time that GAN has used 48 magnet capsules, and it’s got a lot more oomph. It also features a world-first honeycomb contact surface.

The 251 M series mechanism is a smooth, buttery, and stable system with a rounded slide track, ideal for all ages. It weighs in at less than 60 grams and has a slew of features, including adjustable tension tuning.

GAN 356S V3

GAN 356S V3 has a smaller and quieter package. However, it still lacks self-magnetization and the nuts system. GES nuts are the same as those of the newer GES cube. These nuts allow you to adjust in steps, ensuring even adjustment on all sides.

The Gan 356S V3 has a smaller package, making it easier to turn. It also has GES nuts instead of screws. This means you can use the tensioning tool on the nut.

A key feature of this cube is the honeycomb design on the corner contact points. This increases the life of the lubricant, giving it a smoother feel. In addition, it provides a stronger magnet attraction.

GAN 356i

The GAN 356i may not be the most aesthetically pleasing smart cube on the block, but it is certainly the most innovative and functional. It has Bluetooth, full motion tracking, and a clever gyroscope. It also pairs with the Cube Station app to provide users with the best of both worlds, and more.

The Cube Station app is available on both the Apple and Android app stores. It can be downloaded in Chinese and English and has numerous cool features to boot. You can use it to add friends, track your progress, and even get a little trivial such as the length of time it took to solve a particular puzzle.

GAN 365i

The Gan 356 i is a smart cube, which means it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It features an internal gyroscope and a full motion tracking feature, which allows you to measure the amount of time you spend solving the puzzle and how quickly it is solved. Moreover, it can compete with other cubers online.

This GAN 356 i carries a battery that lasts for up to 280 hours. It also includes a 7-step solve instruction and an in-app tutorial. The Cube Station app is available for free, which gives you access to numerous cool features. It can be used to challenge other cubers around the world, or you can simply practice your skills with the app.

GAN i2

The GAN i2 is a Bluetooth-connected puzzle that is responsive on apple devices. It also features a motion tracking system that helps cubers achieve optimal position and accuracy.

Gans is a Chinese cube brand. Their products include stickerless speedcubes and cubes featuring Rubik’s 2.0 series tiles. The company has been around for a long time, and they have come up with a number of notable innovations.

The first GAN cube came in a 2×2 version. The puzzle featured an innovative honeycomb design on its corner contact points. This feature was designed to retain lube. The 356 model was a groundbreaking puzzle, and it exhibited many of the same features as the 357. It was also known for its nifty, smooth corner cutting and reverse cutting abilities.


Despite its small size, the GANINFINITY Cube has a lot to offer. The latest iteration was released in July, and comes with a bevy of features to keep the masses entertained. With its six internal colours, you’ll have plenty of options for customisation.

As with any new cube, you can be sure the latest release is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re a fan of the cubing siesta, the new release is sure to be a hit. And if you’re a fan of colour matching, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s available in a wide array of tones.

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