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Which Is The Best Site To Perform Webinars

by Nathan Zachary
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In today’s technology-driven world, digital communication has become a need of every business, regardless of its industry of operation. We can not overlook the need and benefit of the webinar in reaching the global audience. A webinar has an enormous impact on business. Using webinars, businesses can conveniently and efficiently connect with their targeted clients from all around the world. If executed well, webinars can generate great ROI. According to most research, nearly 20%-40% of B2C webinar attendees turn into qualified leads. Webinars have emerged as an integral part of the marketing strategies of many marketers. Using the right webinar site, you can achieve your marketing goals and optimize ROI.  

Therefore, in this blog, we have come up with the best site to host your webinars. So, let us move ahead in the blog and know about those sites.


Mixhubb is an all-in-one platform that delivers video conferencing, webinars, and online events in a single intuitive interface. It is a browser.-based online free webinar platform, making it highly accessible. Attendees can instantaneously join the webinars and online meetings with a single click. Moreover, it is a highly customizable platform for businesses of all sizes with limitless branding options.

Mixhubb has been one of the leading platforms for hosting online events of all types and sizes. It is a self-manageable platform enabling users to manage and host the complete webinar and online events by themselves. From landing pages to the registration page, from tickets to registration management, from stage to booth management, and from the entry of the first attendee to the exit of the last attendees, you can manage and monitor everything on this DIY platform. Furthermore, attendees can directly register for webinars and online events from their social media accounts. 

Mixhubb offers several dynamic features like live chats, live polls, and q&As to keep attendees engaged from the beginning to the end of the webinar. Moreover, some other features that set it apart from the competition include AI-powered Matchmaking, networking tables, two-way video conversation, screen sharing, secure data transmission, and a multilingual translator. 

Furthermore, this easy-to-use webinar platform is highly scalable, reliable, and provides enterprise-class security. Users can host webinars and online events with up to 100,000 attendees with minimum latency and 99.9% uptime. In addition, Mixhubb’s modern dashboard enables users to get detailed insight into the customer’s journey and optimize ROI. 


WebinarNinja is an online platform that offers you enormous tools to host captivating webinars. It lets you connect with the audiences, chat with them, share documents, run a poll, and display results. It offers you several opportunities to increase the attendee’s engagement and solidify their virtual environment experience. WebinarNinja is the ideal platform for online teaching and online board meetings. It offers beautifully designed virtual venues and flexible webinar capabilities. Moreover, it is a low cost webinar platform for smaller groups than other platforms. 

WebinarNinja provides you online space to host webinars of various types like live, automated, series, and hybrid webinars. It integrates with CRMs like MailChimp, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Squarespace, and ClickFunnels. Furthermore, Webinarninja has in-built templates for conveniently creating a webinar. This web-based platform also allows users to create customized branded registration and thank you pages.


Livestorm is a webinar software that allows users to host live, on-demand, and automated webinars. It is a powerful yet simple-to-access video conferencing platform. One who does not possess any or little technical knowledge can effortlessly plan and execute webinars on this platform. It is a browser-based platform enabling attendees to join the webinar from their browser in one click. It also allows users to share screens of their devices and documents for effective communication. Moreover, it also offers some basic features like chat, polls, Q&As, and data analytics. Some other features include automated customized event reminders emails, event registration, recording, role-based access, etc. 


Demio is a modern, advanced, and user-friendly online platform for hosting webinars and online events of all types. Whether it is a small-scale business or a large enterprise, Demio suits the communication needs of businesses of every industry regardless of their size and orientation, who want to host webinars or online events to boost their marketing.

It is browser-based software, so there is no headache of any extra download. Just in some clicks, attendees can get inside the beautifully designed virtual venues and attend the webinars.

Demio also provides branding opportunities to the organizers.

Organizers can run polls to initiate the interactions and get statistics in real time. Embed launch offers and CTAS are designed to convert sales leads. Furthermore, Demio also allows

attendees to download the webinar’s content and provide them with handouts. Demio also offers public and private chats along with Q&A sessions. Additionally, Demio allows users to record the session and send it to all the registered participants. 


WebinarJam is the best online platform for large businesses. Although this browser-based platform is specially designed for hosting extensive events with a large group of audiences, it has features for smaller groups. It offers live chat and allows speakers to bring any attendee on the stage. Along with this, WebinarJam also enables organizers to pop up the ads so that attendees can directly buy those while remaining in the webinar. WebinarJam also integrates with various social media platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live so that organizers can broadcast their videos to these sites and reach a large group of attendees. Other features offered by WebinarJam include Replica Replay, email/SMS invitations/reminders, polls, surveys, and handouts.

The best webinar platform aids you in accomplishing your goals, generating high-quality sales leads, building brand loyalty, and developing long-lasting relationships with new and existing audiences. Moreover, businesses not only get the opportunity to gain more information about their potential targeted audiences during the webinars but also share valuable information in return. So you should carefully select online platforms for hosting your lead-generating webinars. You can rely on the above-stated webinar sites for your upcoming webinars. 

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