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Who is the best in blogger wordpress

by Nathan Zachary

Friends, if you will have in your mind how to do blogging and on which site to create your blog, then you should know what facilities are available on which platform and blogging for you, which site is the best to create a blog. 

There are many such sites on which you can create a blog or website for free and by paying. You have the most famous wordpress, tumbler, blogger platform. You can easily create a blog on this. If you want to know, then there are many sites in the world on which you can create a website / blog.

What is blogger details

  • Blogger is a free service made by google. Blogger is a Content Management System, on this you can create a blog for free. You just need to have gmail account and mobile number. Just the way you singup on Facebook, in the same way you can create a blog or website on blogger.
  • If you want to create a personal blog or share a story, write poetry, share jokes, you can use it by creating a blog on blogger. Blogger being the world’s largest and Google’s service, its use has become a lot. And it’s also a great platform. But it is in this that this service is handled by blogger or we can say that google handles.
  • You can become a professional blogger on Blogger. If you want to create your own good blog by removing blogspot from username, then you can buy only domain name from a good company and add it to blogger. You do not need to buy hosting for this. Because blogger provides free hosting. There is no need to take separate Vesting.

What is wordpress details

  • WordPress also provides the service of creating a free blog like blogger. You can create a blog for free on wordpress. Can also be used as a blogger. Before this it is necessary to take the cousin that wordpress is a software.
  •  If you want to remove wordpress.com by adding the domain name to wordpress, then for this you have to buy hosting from the hosting company. You will have to spend double money on domain and hosting. That’s why the free blogger platform is the best for blogging a few accounts.
  • If you want to blogging on wordpress, then you may charge 1200 to 3000 rupees a year to buy hosting. 500 to 1000 rupees for a year can also be spent to buy a domain name. After completion of one year, you can renew through debit or credit, net banking.
  • There are many facilities available on wordpress blog. You can put in many future wordpress blogs. Whether to put a comment box, put a back to top button, set up an email scrub, or set up a google search box, you can design the best blog using many plugins.
  • The best thing is that you are its owner. You can use wordpress in any way you want. According to me there is no better platform than wordpress. WordPress platform is better than blogger platform. If you want to become a successful blogger then wordpress is the best.

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