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Whole Herb Kratom: Varieties, Pricing details, and more 

by Nathan Zachary
Whole Herb Kratom Varieties Pricing details and more

Whole Herbs Kratom carries additive-free non-GMO Kratom powders and capsules. The range of varieties is limited, but prices are below the industry average. There are no fillers, toxic substances, or animal by-products. This is an all-natural Kratom, pure and simple.  

Whole Herbs: Kratom powder 

Kratom powder is the most common way to consume whole herb kratoms. It is the easiest way to consume it for most kratom sellers. Kratom powder allows proper administration and has a long shelf life. The only real drawback of Kratom powder is its bitter and unpleasant taste and poor portability. 

Whole Herbs Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder 

Green Maeng Da Kratom is often considered the best introduction to Kratom. Most users report a balanced effect, including moderate stimulation and nootropic effects at low doses and mild pain relief and sedation at high doses. 

It is also popular to induce a feeling of euphoria without being overwhelmed. Green Maeng Da powder is often very expensive given its high demand. Still, Whole Herbs also maintains a competitive price for this popular stock. 

Whole Herbs: Kratom capsule 

Whole Herb Kratom capsules are filled with a pre-measured amount of kratom powder. Capsules and powders have precisely the same effect. Still, you can use the capsules to avoid the unpleasant taste of Kratom powder. Unfortunately, Kratom capsules are more expensive in most cases and do not give you the same opportunity for accurate dosing.  

All capsules offered by Whole Herbs Kratom are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and free of harmful dyes. They come in plastic bottles that you can easily reseal. 

Is Whole Herb Kratom Legal? 

There is no big danger signal to suggest whether Whole Herbs Kratom is legal. Kratom Point is using third-party testing to verify efficacy and purity. It is also AKA certified. Both are good signs that you have a high quality product.  

Most importantly,  the company states that it is doing third-party testing, and lab results are available. So it’s clear that the tests are being done or what the results are. 

What do you need to pay?

The average price of whole herb Kratom across herbs is slightly lower, and some buyers probably consider it for its cost effectiveness. 

All Kratom strains do not get sold under the same pricing model. In most cases, the more orders you have, the slightly lower the price per gram. Here is an average pricing model for whole herbs:

  •  $ 27.99 for 100 grams 
  •  $ 54.99 for 224 grams 
  •  $ 95.00 for 500 grams 
  •  $ 200 for 1 kilogram 

Kratom capsules are mostly more expensive on a gram basis. On average, capsules get sold according to the following pricing models: 

  •  $ 37.00 for 120 capsules 
  •  $ 75.00 for 250 capsules 
  •  $ 150.00 for 500 capsules 
  •  $ 300.00 for 1,000 capsules 
  •  $ 450 for 1,500 capsules

Final thought: A decent choice for  Premium Kratom Whole Herbs buyers

Whole Herbs Kratom is a trendy brand in the United States and may be the best option when buying kratoms from gas stations and smoke shops. However, the company has a lot of demand from those looking for high quality and consistent Kratom. 

Despite being AKA certified, there were some plus points about the user report that the Kratom point is a reliable source to buy kratom amazing botanicals. 

That said, many users say that their products are surprisingly powerful for wholesalers. If you are looking for a below-average price and want only good quality kratom products, the Kratom Point is a good choice.

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