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Why Buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

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Why Buy a Mechanical Keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard with dedicated switches that tell your computer that you pressed a key. Typically, there are three switch types: linear, clicky and tactile.

Linear switches offer no-force feedback during keypresses, while clicky and tactile switches make a clicking noise with each keypress.

They are quieter

If you’re looking for a keyboard quieter than the standard in most stores, you might consider a mechanical one. Not only do these keyboards offer a better typing experience and more responsiveness, but they’re also much more durable than non-mechanical alternatives.

Mechanical keyboard feature switches depressed down on a spring to activate a corresponding key. The key’s plastic slider component builds up force to push down on the switch when it’s depressed, and when it releases, it hits the switch’s housing, which causes a clicky sound.

This isn’t a problem with most membrane keyboards because they have rubber sheets covering the switches when pressed down, making them relatively quiet. However, if you’re using a keyboard in an office or classroom, the clicking noises from a mechanical keyboard might be distracting.

Luckily, there are a few options for reducing the clicking noises of your keyboard, including silent mechanical switches and sound-dampening foam inside the case. You can also easily replace the switches on a keyboard to get the type of typing experience you’re after.

Linear switches are the quietest, offering a smooth feeling when pressuring them. Tactile switches are quieter but are not as easy to customize and won’t last as long. Another option is to look for a mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Silent Red switches, which are an excellent choice. These switches are quiet and are the default switch for most Cherry MX-compatible silent mechanical keyboards.

You can check the warranty included with your chosen quiet mechanical keyboard to ensure that it will withstand years of use. Entry-level and budget-oriented quiet keyboards typically only come with a 1-year warranty, but higher-end options can even come with a 2-year warranty.

They are more resilient

If you’re looking for a keyboard that will last, you should consider buying a mechanical one. These keyboards are much more durable than membrane or rubber dome keyboards, and they can withstand millions of keystrokes without losing their function.

The main reason why these keyboards are more durable is that they have individual switches underneath each key. When you press a key, the switch activates and registers as a keystroke, which makes it more responsive and accurate than membrane keyboards.

You can even customize your keyboard with different switches based on how you like to type, what apps or programs you use, and your specific preferences. This means you can build a keyboard tailored to your needs, which is a massive benefit for gamers and enthusiasts.

These switches are also more durable than the rubber domes used in membrane keyboards, which can break down and clog over time. Additionally, they are easier to clean and assemble than membrane keyboards.

The main reason why many gamers prefer mechanical keyboards is that they are faster and more durable than membrane keyboards. They also allow you to activate multiple keys simultaneously, known as N-key rollover, which helps improve your gaming performance. This is especially useful if you play multiplayer games, where victory and defeat can be decided in milliseconds.

They are more responsive

Mechanical keyboards are more responsive than their membrane-based counterparts because every keystroke is sent to your computer via a physical switch instead of activating a contact on the membrane beneath each key. This gives mechanical keyboards a more tactile feel, which is helpful for touch typing or writing long documents.

Most keyboards you’ve used at school, in your office or desktop have a flexible membrane layer underneath the keys that are activated by pressing down on the key. This is known as a rubber dome switch. However, most of these switches are uncomfortable for long periods of use and can lead to fatigue in your hands and wrists.

The best mechanical keyboards are designed with the user in mind and come with various features, such as the ability to adjust critical travel distance and critical sure. This allows you to set a more comfortable typing experience without sacrificing accuracy and precision.

Finally, some mechanical keyboards have a clicky sound that can be annoying if you’re not used to it. However, some users find the sound soothing and relaxing so they can become popular among people looking for a more calming typing experience.

They are more effective

One of the best things about mechanical keyboard is that they can be customized in many ways. This is especially important for gamers who want to make their gaming experience fun.

You can customize your keyboard by choosing from different switches and keycaps. You can also add various features to your keyboard, such as RGB lighting and programmable macros. You can even replace keycaps with specific materials that will last longer, and you can customize your keyboard with different colours, designs, or shapes.

The switches you use on your keyboard are critical to the feel and sound of the keyboard. You can change the switch type, switch film, lubricant, and other aspects of the switches to get a more customized feel.

There are three main types of switches: tactile, clicky, and linear. Each type of switch provides a slightly different feel and sound. The tactile switch provides a clicky sound when you press it, while the linear type is smoother and quieter. The clicky switch is excellent for touch typing because it gives feedback when a key is registered.

Another advantage of mechanical keyboards is that they are more customizable than membrane keyboards. They are easier to clean since you can disassemble them at any time. You can also remove keys to diagnose issues causing your keyboard to become unresponsive.


Most keyboards with mechanical switches are programmable to assign functions to individual keys. This is great for power users and allows you to change the output of any key on your keyboard. Finally, some keyboards have backlighting which is a great feature for people who work at night or use the keyboard in a dark room. This helps you to type in low light and make your keyboard more responsive for gaming purposes.

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