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Why Choose Mid Size PC Cases For Your Next Gaming Computer?

by Nathan Zachary

Picking the perfect PC case for you should ALWAYS be your priority whenever you are thinking of getting a new Gaming PC.

There are many reasons why choosing the right housing for your components is vital both in the short and long term. However, many builders and gamers today prefer mid-size PC cases as they offer a ton of advantages.

Mid Size PC Case Aesthetics
Most people consider aesthetics a frivolous aspect. However, it is a very important factor and many companies understand it. Case manufacturers today want their tower cases to deserve a prominent spot in your home, office, or gaming room. Many models today can easily become a room´s centerpiece.

The same goes for internal components. You are no longer forced to have components that show their bare circuit boards and green solder mask that looks like you just opened your old washing machine. Motherboards and internal components today also resemble parts of a futuristic spaceship using a combination of kitbashing techniques and RGB lighting. Today, most gaming PC cases feature tempered glass windows and panels so the user can show off their internal components or allow the RGB to provide a cool diffuse light.

Do Mid Size PC Cases Offer Enough Internal Space
There are generally three major case sizes. You have the bulking full tower cases, the mid-size PC case, and the small form factor case.

Full tower cases used to be a favorite as they could house the biggest and baddest components. However, their size made them impractical in many settings, and the introduction of smaller components (and gradual retirement of old peripherals) has made these unnecessary for regular PC users. Small form factors are portable, practical, and affordable. However, mini or micro-ITX boards pose unsurmountable limitations for those who want to push their gaming PCs to the limit, and providing your components with enough breathing space can be challenging in one of these compact cases.

Mid-size PC cases hit the sweet spot between space and convenience. Many today can fit bigger motherboards like the EATX format, house dual graphic card systems, and still offer enough space for cooling options and internal peripherals. Full towers have so much internal space it often feels unnecessary, and they look sparse and bare even when you fit all the necessary components.

What Mid Size PC Case Features Should I Watch For?
When you look at different mid-size PC cases you will notice a wide variation in prices. This has a lot to do with the internal features they offer. Make sure your case offers enough drive bays and mounting points for storage. Some cases offer SSD mounting points on the rear of the MOBO tray, freeing a lot of frontal space for cable management and airflow.

Tool-less options are also desirable if you don’t want to go back to needing a mini Phillips screwdriver for every small adjustment.

Convenient and clever cutouts for cable management are indispensable nowadays. This is also true for CPU cooler cut-outs behind the motherboard tray for installing and replacing CPU coolers with ease. Now, watch for weird cutout designs as they sometimes make it difficult to run your wires from point A to point B. Fortunately, mid-size PC cases provide enough clearance for you to access tricky corners without a problem, just make sure you have a plan before you screw components into the case.

Finally, fan docks and panels with dust filters are an absolute must, and mid-case PC cases usually come equipped with many options to install your cooling fans, AIO solutions, or closed liquid cooling solutions, and still leave enough space for heat dissipation and airflow to ensure a quiet operation.

I get most of my mid-size PC cases and systems from CLX gaming since they carry the best brands and offer uniquely customized models. The wizards at CLX Gaming have been able to install really complex configurations in tight spaces with ease without stability issues even when overclocked, so they know what they’re doing, no question.

Visit their Custom PC builder section and start building your next gaming PC.

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