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Why composite decking warp, and how to fix it?

by Nathan Zachary
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Composite decking is a popular choice for homeowners who want the look of wood without the high price tag. For this, they always look for a reliable but affordable WPC manufacturer offering this decking at reasonable prices. 

However, composite decking can warp and show signs of wear over time. The wood fibres in the composite material can expand and contract with changes in temperature, which can cause the decking to warp. 

Additionally, the plastic in the composite material can also break down over time, causing the decking to warp. If you have warped composite decking, there are a few things you can do to fix it. One of the easiest ways for this is to try sanding down the decking to smooth the surface.

Causes of wood decking warping

There are numerous reasons why wood decking may warp over time. One of the most common causes is exposure to moisture. When the wood starts getting wet, it starts expanding and contracting as it dries out. It may be a big reason for warping.

Another common cause of warping is simply the passage of time. The more the wood ages, the more it dries out and becomes brittle. This may be a major reason to warp and crack as well. Finally, improper installation can also lead to warping. The decking can move and warp over time if it is not properly secured.

Does composite decking warp?

Many factors can affect warping. You will have to make special arrangements to minimize the risk of warping. For one, make sure you choose a high-quality composite decking to resist warping. 

You can also try finding the renowned WPC wall cladding manufacturer that will be dealing in composite decking for buying quality products. Also, install your decking according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight if possible. 

Why does composite decking warp?

Composite decking is durable and low-maintenance. However, some homeowners have found that their composite decking warps over time. One of the reasons for warping is that the wood fibres in the material can expand and contract in different weather conditions. Another reason is that the plastic in the composite material can break down over time, especially in direct sunlight. 

How to prevent the warping of composite boards?

Composite boards combine two or more different materials to create a new material with improved properties. There are a few ways to prevent composite boards from warping. One is to use composite materials that have similar thermal expansion coefficients. Another possibility to stop warping is to use humidity control during storage and transportation.

How to fix warped composite decking?

Warping is a common problem with composite wholesale decking boards. One option to fix the warped decking is to use a heat gun to heat the warped boards. This will often fix the warp. Another option is to replace the warped boards. This is usually the best option, as it will prevent the problem from happening again.

Repair steps

You will first have to ensure from where the decking is warped and will only have to replace it with the new one. Another safe step in repairing the warped decking is using a circular saw to help cut the warped trim boards. After it, you will have to remove it from the frame. After it, install the new trim panels and make them secure in the exact place.

Summing up

It will be better to learn the instructions for the composite decking companies that will make us understand how to install them and how to fix the warped ones. This is not an easy task, but it will help a lot.

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